Cuticle Conditioning Stick

Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick (both brands)_thumbI was out with my friend Alex one afternoon, and I watched as she pulled what I assumed to be lipstick out of her adorable cross-body bag and began to rub it on her nails. Confused and unable to concentrate on the current conversation, I had to ask her what the heck she was doing.

She showed me that what I thought was lipstick was actually cuticle lotion in stick form. Intrigued, I asked her to try it. Big mistake! I fell for it instantly and had to research more about it.

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So what exactly is M of Hearts?

Excellent question!

We all have love and show our love in different ways. This is a glimpse into how I love: Trends I love, places I love and sharing love with the people I love- it is a whole lotta love!

I always say to never let a day go by without telling those in your life what they mean to you. This is my way of sharing that with you. So you’re essentially getting a glimpse into my heart… the M of Hearts.



La Boulange


Photo by Annette Drapac

When I first went to San Francisco, I got off of the plane and was really hungry. In seeking something completely different than what I could find in Cleveland, it was suggested that we go to La Boulange.

This café has such a charming vibe to it. Though I have never been to France, I pictured I was there while dining at La Boulange. They have patio seating so that you can enjoy the beautiful weather of the SF day. The interior is decorated with vintage wood and lightly accented with blues, greens and yellows.

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Signature Mascara

Maybelline-Full-N-Soft-IISomething that I get asked a lot is, “What mascara do you use?!”  It is typically followed with, “Are those fake?” (and yes, they are referring to my eyelashes).  I figure a great place to confess my favorite make-up finds and buys is right here on M of Hearts.  So brace yourself people, as this is my signature mascara…


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Personalized Shoes

IMG_3519Like most women, I absolutely love shoes.  Sometimes I think the funkier, the better.  They are my favorite way to have an icebreaker with a stranger and sometimes I like them better than jewelry as far as accessories are concerned.  I always giggle when I watch people react to my shoes.  If they stare for a while looking confused, I know I did my part… for something.

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