Cuticle Conditioning Stick

Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick (both brands)_thumbI was out with my friend Alex one afternoon, and I watched as she pulled what I assumed to be lipstick out of her adorable cross-body bag and began to rub it on her nails. Confused and unable to concentrate on the current conversation, I had to ask her what the heck she was doing.

She showed me that what I thought was lipstick was actually cuticle lotion in stick form. Intrigued, I asked her to try it. Big mistake! I fell for it instantly and had to research more about it.

The product is called Cuticle Conditioning Butter Stick by Cuccio. It costs about $7 and comes in two scents:  Milk & Honey and Pomegranate & Fig. You can find it at Cosmo Prof and There is another brand by All Season Naturals that is equally as lovely. It also comes in Pomegranate & Fig and French Vanilla Cream, and can be found at Sally’s Beauty.

There is nothing more that I dislike than lotion that leaves that greasy residue and feeling on your skin so anything you touch leaves a trail of lotion. With this Cuticle Conditioning Butter, it literally absorbs quickly and leaves a subtle fragrance that is not overpowering in the least. It provides 24-hour hydration that lasts, a statement I can absolutely back:  I applied it early one morning and cleaned my entire apartment. After washing my hands numerous times, my cuticles still felt smooth and I noticed instant results.

Another darling feature with this ‘magic stick’ is how you can use the tip of the tube to gently push back your cuticles. It is everything you need in a small container. Even better, it is not as disgusting as say, cutting your cuticles. Recently at a Bachelorette Party I was at, my friends and I were discussing the secret behaviors we have to hide from men so they don’t witness our ‘gross’ beauty habits. One such habit that grossed out my best friend’s husband was when she would cut her cuticles. As soon as my friend Alex introduced me to this product and I purchased it to see how fabulous it really is, I know exactly what I am buying my friend for the holidays! Her husband will no longer be grossed out, but more so curious as to why she is rubbing ‘lipstick’ on her nail beds.

Push Down Your Cuticles with the Tip_edit

This product is perfect year-round for your fingers AND your toes. Think of winter, which is right around the corner. These Cuticle Conditioning Butter Sticks will assist you in feeling better with the harsh effects winter leaves on our skin. It is perfect to toss in your make-up bag or purse, and great for on the go. Hope you love it as much as I do. And thank you Alex for introducing me to a new favorite product!