Dad’s 60th Birthday Gift

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My Dad had a milestone birthday this year which, for me, meant that I had to come up with something memorable to give him. About a month before his birthday, I began thinking of what that item could possibly be. My dad can be tricky to buy for, as he is particular with what he likes. I did not want to get him socks or a wallet or just bake him a cake. I was really stumped! So I headed over to good ol’ Pinterest and began searching “60th Birthday Gift Ideas.”

There were the typical “Over the Hill” gift ideas:  A fun topiary made out of dum-dum suckers saying “60 Sucks.” I liked an idea of a jar filled with rocks. Each rock had an adjective listed about the birthday boy/girl and the jar had a cute note saying “60 Rocks!” A few cute ideas, but nothing that screamed my dad.

I was about to give up and stick to getting him new clothes when I finally spotted the idea I had to make a reality. Thanks to Clarina’s Contemplations, I decided to take a look back into the year 1953 and list events that took place the year my dad was born. I found the best events that would represent my dad and listed them out. I agreed with Claire and picked out six items for 6-0.

the parcel

Then came the fun part! Finding a modern day spin on the events that took place.  The NFL Champions that year were the Detroit Lions who defeated the Cleveland Browns. Being that my dad loves the Browns and is a diehard fan, I knew this fact had to be tied in. I headed downtown to one of my favorite shops in Cleveland, The Cleveland Store. As luck would have it, they just put out their new line of Browns attire and I had a blast finding him gifts to correspond with this fact. My dad always would say, “I’m bad to the bone!” when I was a little girl, so seeing a shirt that read, “Bad to the Bone,” I grabbed it up without blinking an eye!

CLE Brown's Gift

My dad is also a fan of Playboy Magazine. Playboy Magazine just so happened to launch their first magazine in 1953 featuring a centerfold of Marilyn Monroe. I was going to get him a subscription to the magazine but I found myself online looking up the first issue. Knowing I would never be able to purchase him an original copy, I happened to find a duplicate copy on Amazon. After discussing whether or not this would be a neat idea, I finally said YES!  While not an original, it is from the year he was born and it just encompassed the theme a bit more than a typical subscription.

Playboy Magazine

I found basic tags from a local craft store and wrote the facts from the year he was born onto the tags and tied them onto the gifts. I chose simple paper this time and opted to not do a specific wrapping theme (advice I took from my mom). My dad does not mind the wrapping as much as he enjoys opening the gifts. So stripes and solid blue paper with fun Baker’s ribbon to tie the tags onto the packages it was!

Tags II

All of Dad's Gifts

An added “Meaghan” touch to my dad’s gift was something from my cat. My dad and my cat Madam Carly O’Brien really hit it off from day one of meeting. He will come over and spend time with her whenever I am out of town and he really gets a kick out of her vivacious personality. So for him going through the theme idea and opening his presents, he deserved a treat from my cat (it is becoming an added bonus that I do:  If I create a wild birthday gifting event, the recipient gets a bonus gift as a thank you for putting up with my creativity).

From Madam

Once when I was eating dinner with my parents, my dad brought up his favorite book from his adolescence, “Space Cat.” Taking mental note of it for a potential gift idea, I accidentally goofed up ‘cat’ for ‘kitty’ and purchased him the book “Space Kitty.” I wrapped it up from Carly and he opened it up laughing hysterically. Despite the mistake, he still got to read a similar childhood favorite book which I know he will share with my niece and nephews the next time that they are over. Needless to say, he loved the idea and had a lot of fun taking a look back at the year 1953 and seeing the other milestones that took place in conjunction with his birth!

Space Kitty, From Madam

I was tickled for the help and inspiration from Clarina’s Contemplations. Her touching story and creative ideas helped to make my dad’s birthday so memorable and I can’t thank her enough for her genius idea! I recommend you heading over to her blog to see what she did for her father-in-law.

And do you have a milestone birthday coming up for someone in your life?  Need inspiration, ideas or help?  Let me know: