Signature Mascara

Maybelline-Full-N-Soft-IISomething that I get asked a lot is, “What mascara do you use?!”  It is typically followed with, “Are those fake?” (and yes, they are referring to my eyelashes).  I figure a great place to confess my favorite make-up finds and buys is right here on M of Hearts.  So brace yourself people, as this is my signature mascara…


Maybelline Full-N-Soft.  That’s right.  Maybelline Full-N-Soft.  It is about $5 depending on the store you purchase it from, but it is hands-down the best mascara I have ever used.  And trust me- I have tried them ALL.  No joke.


What I love about this mascara is the brush.  It will literally hit every single one of your lashes to ensure that they will be exactly as the name says:  Full and soft.  It is not one of those mascaras where your eyelashes will become sticky or firm due to the product.  If you were to touch my eyelashes, though I do not recommend doing so because one, I have a phobia of touching eyes and I will likely make a sound that is unrecognizable at an insanely high decibel followed by an accidental kick; and two, that would just be odd, but they are insanely soft and feel as if I do not have any make-up on.  It is very natural to the touch and very ‘wow’ to the look.

I do have long, dark lashes naturally, but to get the look that I personally like, I do about four coats of mascara on my lashes.  My desired look is to have lashes that when you are far away, your eyes will pop and you are mesmerized and can’t look away.  I am a bit of a nerd and I feel one of the greatest aspects of meeting a stranger is looking into their eyes.  You can certainly tell a lot about a person from making eye contact with them, as well as the cliché saying that the eyes lead to your soul.  Trust me… I know how important eye contact is:  I had several steamy seconds of eye contact with THE Conan O’Brien when I attended a live audience taping of his show, “Conan.”  It was the end of the show and he was thanking the crowd (me) for coming out to his show (hello- I came ALL the way from Cleveland, Ohio) and we just stared at one another until a group of ladies got out of their seats and followed him backstage for what I can only assume to be a nail polish painting session.

What am I telling you about?  Oh, right!  Mascara.

The true testament to a great mascara is how well it will come off.  I wash my face each morning and night with any basic face wash (not even make-up remover or wipes).  The face wash gently rinses off the mascara without removing oodles of your eyelashes.  Since my one vice is not leaving my house without mascara on, it is safe to say I wear it a lot.  It is natural that I will shed my lashes every now-and-then, but Maybelline Full-N-Soft protects and nourishes my lashes so they last.  And since I go through my tubes frequently, it is affordable and something I do not stress over treating myself to.

My only complaint is that it can be difficult to come by sometimes.  It is not the most popular mascara but it is a true treasure.  If they were ever to discontinue this product, it will be a sad, sad, eyelash day.  And you might possibly hear the faint sound of a woman crying, as that would be me.

So there you have it.  My secret charm.  My prized possession.  My mascara.

Do you have a favorite mascara that you simply can’t live without?  Tell me about it: