WoodWick Candles

WoodWick Candles

Like most of you, I love candles.  And a particular aspect of fall that I truly can’t wait for is making my apartment cozy with autumn decorations and candles galore.

I currently reside in a rental and I am guilty of dreaming of my ideal home that would have a glorious Victorian style fireplace.  Since my home right now does not have one, I found a way to create my own.

The minute you light a WoodWick candle the sounds of crackling wood instantly begin, as well as the flickering of the flame to mimic the appearance of an actual fire.  It is a soothing sound that I enjoy to have around particularly when I read or write.

The small candles are equally as loud as the larger ones, and are just as fragrant!  These little beauties pack a good punch of autumn scent into the air.

I also love these candles for the winter when you get snowed in.  While I may not be able to roast marshmallows over them, it still provides this cozy feeling of comfort.

Create a fun birthday gift for a friend, or a sweet “Thinking of You” gift for someone you care about.  Pick up a WoodWick candle, pair it with a good book and send it their way. Find yours at www.virginiacandle.com, your local Bed, Bath & Beyond or select Hallmark stores.