Candy Corn Cupcakes

All Boxed UpCupcakes tend to be my go-to treat for any party or meeting, so naturally I had to bake something in cupcake form for Halloween.

Since candy corn seems to be the treat for the Halloween season, I decided to make colorful cupcakes that would look just like the candy. And here is how I did it:

I made a basic vanilla cupcake batter (or try using a mix if you’re in a time crunch). I divided my batter evenly into three bowls and added yellow food coloring to one, orange to another and left the final one as is to serve as the color white. I then began to take one tablespoon of each batter, beginning with white, then orange, and finally yellow, and poured it into a cupcake holder. One tablespoon right on top of the other. Essentially, as you bite into the cupcake, the colors will be in the order of an actual piece of candy corn.

As You Bite Into It

I then made buttercream frosting and separated the frosting into three different bowls. Using food coloring again, I created orange, yellow and white frosting. I then frosted the tops of my cupcakes to match the famous candy and added sugar crystals to give them that sparkle.

All of them!

Wilton once again, with their darling decorations, won me over with these little ghosts and Frankensteins holding pieces of candy corn. They were the final addition, going right on top of the cupcakes!


I also fell for these little owls dressed as witches for my cupcake holders.

Cupcake Holders

The taste testers for these sweet treats were none other than the wonderful nurses over at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. They deserve all treats this Halloween for providing excellent care to all of their patients, but especially to my mom. A huge thank you to each and every one of you!


Happy Halloween! I hope you had a wonderfully festive month and were able to use one of these ideas to make your party or event extra special. I’d love to hear (and see) what you did. Be sure to leave a comment. Happy Haunting!




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