Date Night Inspiration

Rather than doing the ‘typical’ thing for Sweetest Day (or Valentine’s Day), skip the dinner and a movie idea and opt for an alternative option.

  • Throw on comfortable clothes, order some deliciously bad take-out food and spend an evening playing your favorite childhood board games. Enjoy the company of one another while learning about each other (ask one another your favorite moments from growing up). Consider playing re-runs of “Happy Days” or “I Love Lucy” in the background, or make a new iTunes playlist!
  • Fill a thermos with hot chocolate (consider spiking it) and go on a night hike with flashlights! Even better, grab a blanket and head to an open field where you can star gaze and simply spend some quality time with one another sans technology and other distractions.
  • Make some “car-doeuvres” and “mocktails” and go on a cruise in your car! Take a scenic drive, or just get on the highway with no specific stopping point in mind.

“Mocktail” ideas for you:

  • Mock Champagne: Mix together ginger ale, pineapple juice and white grape juice.
  • Try Shirley Temples, virgin strawberry daiquiris or Mr & Mrs T. Original Bloody Mary Mix (minus the vodka) for your morning trips.

Mr & Mrs T.

“Car-doeuvres” ideas for you:

  • Make a fun trail mix with your favorite ingredients.
  • Can’t go wrong with a classic PB& J, the least messy of the finger foods.
  • Pack each other’s favorite snacks and go-to comfort foods.
  • Grab a cookbook at random. Each one of you gets to select a dish of their choice to cook for the other.
  • Team up with fellow couples and throw a flag-football game. Spend the afternoon playing at a park and laughing. Don’t forget to plan a delicious meal for after! Consider making little trophies for the team that wins (and create clever winning titles such as “Best Fall” or “Funniest Moment”).
  • With Halloween right around the corner, consider going on a haunted hayride or visiting a haunted house. Afterwards, gather up your favorite scary movies, cuddle up on the couch together and have a hauntingly delightful time!

Sweetest Day is a day to remind us to appreciate one another. If celebrating on October 19th isn’t your style, consider utilizing one of these ideas for a fun date night at random.

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