Grilled Cheese Jack-O’-Lanterns

Grilled Cheese PumpkinsIn wanting to make something a little quicker (and okay, a little more appetizing to look at than Dead Man’s Meat Loaf), I decided to try something that will take you under 15 minutes to cook. You ready?

Grilled Cheese Jack-O’-Lanterns:  A festive take on a classic sandwich. All you need to do is simply carve, or cut, your choice of a Jack-O’-Lantern into any slice of bread. Or go all out and carve your bread as you did your pumpkin (I will warn you that ‘carving’ bread is not as easy as a pumpkin, but that was just for me). If you have a cookie cutter, it will help to make it look neater and more pumpkin-like.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Then you go about making your grilled cheese sandwich per your liking. With the color of the cheese and the cuteness of the bread, it makes for a deliciously adorable (and by adorable, I mean terrifying) lunch or dinner.

Pumpkin Grilled Cheese

If you’re looking to make an entire meal out of it, consider mixing salsa into macaroni and cheese. It makes it look like a bowl of brains. Perhaps a lot of cheese for one meal, but very creepy.

If you are a nanny and you’re looking for a fun idea to do with your munchkins, this is a quick and easy idea to help them learn to cook, and they’ll have a ball making their own food!

Happy Carving!



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