Graveyard Brownies

October 31 Brownie (Instagram shot)To make these tasty little treats, all you need to do is bake your favorite brownie recipe. For added fun, feel free to add gummy worms or mini chocolate chips into your batter. That will help give them the ‘real’ graveyard feel.

When you want to frost your brownies is completely up to you. I didn’t allow my brownies to cool completely and it actually worked in their favor (sometimes eager accidents work out for the best). They turned out looking like, well, mud to be honest. But edible mud nonetheless. Continue reading

DIY Halloween Ornaments

All of the Ornieshire_btn

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Growing up, I lived in a home that welcomed each holiday with tons of festive decorations and food. It’s no surprise that as I grew older, I looked forward to decorating my room, and later my own home.

Something new that I wanted to try this year was to have a generic tree that I would leave up year-round and decorate for each season and holiday. I was given a peculiar looking wrapped white tree that I am coining as said tree. Continue reading

Who Killed the Meatloaf Man?

Another View of the Meatloaf ManWith Halloween coming up and so many themed parties, I wanted to share some exciting and adventurous recipes with you! Let me begin with Dead Man’s Meat Loaf.

I want to first apologize to my vegetarian friends and assure you that I am not trying to be disrespectful. You can absolutely re-create this recipe using tofu to make a hauntingly delicious and creepy dinner for a party. Continue reading

Reminder Day

Here's To Us

I hear it every Valentine’s Day and every Sweetest Day:

“I hate this day.”

“This is a holiday created by chocolate companies.”

“It is such a pointless day.”

“I hate love.”

“I love my cat.”

While yes and no to those statements, call me crazy but I feel like we so often take one another for granted. I know I say this a lot, but I have yet to be proven wrong. We allow life to get too crazy and chaotic, and we need to be reminded to set a day, an hour or some time aside to let those in our life know what they mean to us. How about rather than calling it “Sweetest Day,” let’s try calling it “Reminder Day?” Continue reading