The Most Treasured Gift

Halloween Cards IIWhen I was 15, I began my first official job at a local Hallmark store. I was terrified and excited when I walked into the store on my first day. My intimidation was set to ease with sweet co-workers and the long aisles of colorful and friendly cards. I suppose you can say that this is when my love affair with sending cards to others began.

I really love getting mail. Sometimes I make it into a contest and if my mailbox holds something other than a bill, I win… something. I think it’s special to send someone a card out of the blue to brighten their day and thank them for their friendship. When I recently turned the page of my planner and caught this quote, it has become one of my new mottos:

LOVE Cards

I am an old soul and I feel like it’s sort of known to send cards at Christmas to catch your friends and family up on the entire year of what has happened in your life. But what about the rest of the year? This thought hit me while I was in college and I set a goal for myself. Rather than just sending Christmas cards each year, I wanted to keep in touch at Halloween and Valentine’s Day as well. And that is exactly what I do.

Le Pen

Just like everyone has their own personal style, cards certainly show a little glimpse of the person who sends it. For example, my cards are filled with confetti. I try my best to add a little sparkle to my friends and family’s lives, but when I can’t be there, confetti does it for me. I try to find confetti that matches the card to really give it that “Meaghan” touch. While the mess may be annoying, I like to think of it as a friendly hug, and to make you feel like I’m with you.


And the envelope is merely the beginning of a card. It is the first introduction of your mail; it is a blank canvas that needs some special love.


Life is spontaneous and sometimes we allow time to get the best of us. It’s difficult to maintain relationships with people in your life and check in on them daily, weekly or monthly. I challenge myself (and you, if you’re interested), in sending a card a week to a different person to just let them know you are thinking of them. This year has been a lesson a day for me with many struggles and triumphs. I try not to live with regret, as most of us do, but the one thing I have learned above all is that it does no harm to let those in your life know that they’re on your mind.

Check back on Friday to learn one of my favorite shops to find the perfect card from! And have yourself a Happy little Halloween!



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