Happy Thanksgiving!

LeavesAs you know, today is Thanksgiving! I love hearing about family traditions and what people spend their Thursday doing. Everything from beginning the day watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade to spending the day cooking together in the kitchen, or even plain and simple relaxing- who would have thought of that?!

Growing up, my Mom would have on the Thanksgiving Day Parade while prepping for dinner. After the Parade was over, she would pop in “It’s A Wonderful Life” and swap her everyday dishes to her Christmas dishes. Once that was complete, family would arrive and come over for dinner and we would end the day turning on every candle in the windows (that she spent the week setting up). These candles will remain lit until the Epiphany in January.

We even began a Pennsylvania tradition when I was in high school. We visited my one brother who lived in Pittsburgh at the time. We would eat dinner and go to the movies before hitting the road to head home. It’s traditions like these growing up that I always remember and now that I have my own home, I sort of miss those moments. It’s bizarre how when we’re younger we’re so impatient and don’t really value these special times.

The one tradition that I have recently begun is a gratitude journal. Sounds a bit silly, but I’m realizing as I am growing older and providing for myself that I don’t tend to celebrate those moments like I should. Not because I don’t appreciate them, but because I am too busy looking after myself and surviving. With the many peculiar, sad and crazy events that took place this year, I wanted to jot down all of the sweet moments to remind myself when times get tough. I can think of no better day than today to reflect upon them and truly give thanks.

For me, I just used a simple notebook. I laugh at myself because I am someone who apparently collects notebooks. I have SO many of them and I don’t understand why. There is nothing fancy about them… I just free write the happy and sweet moments. I have a larger one I use each night before I count sheep, and a mini one that I throw in my purse for those moments when I’m out and about.

Gratitude Journal

Have you considered starting a journal or listing the items you are thankful for? There is no time like the present, and today is the perfect day to kick off what you are most thankful for! Get creative- decorate yours to match the items you love most.

Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, love, laughter and delicious food! Whatever you are doing today, enjoy it to the fullest.




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