Oh, Baby- Diaper Cakes!

Diaper Cakehire_btnIt seems that 2013 (and well, 2014) is another year/s of babies, as so many of my friends and family members are expecting a new little one in their life.

While it is always a good idea to work off of a registry to ensure that you are helping the mommy-to-be with the essential items she wishes for, it’s also sweet to gift those items in a unique and fun way to help make their milestone that much more memorable.

In case you really want to think outside of the box and do something completely different, a diaper cake is always an excellent idea! Diapers certainly add up and they run out quickly. Bringing a box of them is not as exciting as presenting them in cake form.

Side of Diaper Cake

While I love sharing fun ideas and recipes, I would also love to help you make these gifts happen in a timely (and adorable) manner. I wanted to share a few photos of a diaper cake I recently made for a friend who is expecting her first baby girl in three weeks!

Bird's Eye View

Diaper cakes can be created in a variety of sizes. This particular one is being mailed, so it needed to be a bit more compact. Since diaper cakes are on the rise (hehe), it is also fun to change it up and make tiny cupcake versions of these.

The essential items that you will need to bake your diaper cakes include rubber bands and diapers…

Rolled Diapers

… a variety of onesies…

Hoot's Cute?

… baby wash…

Accessories for the Cake

… and cute ribbons.

Another Side View

You can be as creative as you wish; these are merely the essentials.


Another option:  In case your friend or family member is expecting baby number two… or three, four, five; sometimes people only have one shower. There is no rule stating you can’t have more than one! But if this is the case and you still want to bring something sweet to the new mom and baby, once again, you can’t go wrong with diapers and extra onesies. It’s impossible to say that one can have too many of these (just as it is impossible to say I have too many pairs of shoes).

Need help baking a cake? You know where to find me!




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