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All of the CupcakesI love San Francisco this time of year! It is by far one of my favorite cities to visit, but especially in November. I enjoy having the opportunity to see the gorgeous fall colors and to really feel that fall feeling (you know what I mean- the scents, the vibe and that cozy fall sensation). Here in Ohio, spring and fall often go by too quickly, or are welcomed with fresh snow flakes.

There are two stops that I always make when visiting San Francisco this time of year. The first is to see the Macy’s windows downtown. Macy’s teams up with SF SPCA and have adoptable animals featured in their widows. All have that hopeful face that you will take them home to be loved this holiday season. I would literally adopt each and every single one if Madam weren’t such a turkey.

Please Adopt Me

The second stop that I always, always, always have to make when in SF is to my favorite bakery, SusieCakes. I am a sucker for walking by shops and window-shopping. For whatever reason, sugar tends to draw me in more than clothing, and I was instantly hooked with this bakery from the minute I saw their windows (plus, this was another recommendation from a trustworthy individual and she could not have been more accurate about these cupcakes being absolute heaven)!

SusieCakes has the best fall flavored cupcakes I have ever tried! Pumpkin-themed galore, apple, chocolate and many others. In addition to fall flavors, while I am not usually one to gravitate towards red velvet, they are known for this particular flavor. I gave them a try and they perfect beyond imagination. The flavor is not overpowering and the frosting was not all cream cheese tasting (for whatever reason, my issue tends to be within the frosting when it comes to red velvet). It was the perfect balance of flavors and I savored every bite. Something about their cupcakes is so special; they are so fresh and moist, even after a few days (I stock up and save them for my entire trip). Don’t even get me started on their chocolate cupcakes, as I could talk for hours about how tasty they are!

Susie Cakes Fall Cakes

Another reason why I love this bakery is for their staff. They are beyond sweet and so willing to work and accommodate anything you may need. I had a friend in San Francisco who was having his first photography exhibit back in his hometown in years. It was such an exciting time for him and I really wanted to help celebrate each moment. Since I was flying in for the show and didn’t have access to a kitchen in my hotel, I contacted SusieCakes and asked them if they could take one of his photographs and duplicate it on a cake. And oh, could they ever. Take a look at this gorgeous piece of art:

The Cake

I also wanted to have a few cupcakes that he could share with his curator and guests that flew in from, quite literally, all across the globe to make it to his show. They made chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with mini Canon 7D cameras. The woman I worked with in the Celebration Specialist department, Megan, answered all of my questions and helped me decide which flavors would be best and most popular for the cake and cupcakes. They delivered the treats in perfect timing to surprise the photographer (who isn’t someone easy to surprise)! It worked out beautifully and if I ever move to the Bay area, I can guarantee that I will work with SusieCakes for another event.

Canon 7D

If you ever need a special order or are interested in a fun gift idea, SusieCakes has you covered. They are so easy to work with (I made this happen on my lunch break while at work in Ohio; Megan answered everything and made the process quick and easy), and their creations are tasty works of art! Or, if you’re simply in the mood for something delicious, you have to head to your nearest SusieCakes and treat yourself to one… or two… or a dozen.




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