The Circus is Coming!

IMG_6405hire_btnOne of my darling nephews recently turned two and a celebration was in order for this little munchkin. The theme of his party was circus, and naturally there had to be a matching cupcake treat.


Because he is too sweet for words, I baked up two different types of cupcakes for his party. I baked a basic vanilla with a red, butter cream frosting. The true beauty with these cupcakes were the circus animal decorative pics my sister-in-law purchased to go with them. They were the added touch.

The Circus is Coming

Along with the vanilla, I knew there would be a lot of younger children at the party and I wanted to do something to entice them (as if sugar alone would not work). I decided to smash up frosted animal cracker cookies and bake them into the vanilla cupcake batter. I figured that it would be similar to funfetti, and would bake right in, leaving a nice cookie flavor while you ate it. And that is exactly how they were! It was essentially as if you were eating two treats in one.

A Perfect Size

I made these cupcakes into mini ones; perfect for the palms of the little ones we love. I frosted these mini cupcakes with a variety of colors and put an animal cracker cookie right on top for an added sweet.

The Elephants are Coming

The animal cracker cupcakes seemed to be a hit, but my nephew was for sure the sweetest at the party!

All of the Cupcakes

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