Fred & Friends

Fred + Friends ItemsI am sure many of you have seen some of these products by now. But if not, let me introduce you to my friend, Fred… & Friends.

I came across Fred & Friends while I was living in Columbus, Ohio and had my first ‘real’ apartment post college. You know what that is like:  You feel so adult and you want everything new and different that really defines who you are. No? Just me? Okay.

Well, I really like quirky conversation piece items. Especially in the kitchen. Whenever I have friends over and am baking or cooking, they always comment on my M-Cups:

M Cups

or my Batterfinger:

Batter Finger

Practical items for your home but with a humorous edge.

Fred + Friends

Some of their products are a little bit gross. Others are ideal and must haves. Some are downright hilarious. But in general, they make for a truly fun gifting option; something we don’t always buy for ourselves, but would love as a gift. And a great idea for someone who is a little trickier to purchase for.

You can find Fred & Friends products at Francesca’s Collections, Urban Outfitters and


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