Oh Conantree, Oh Conantree

BCB, Conan and Andy TreesIt seems as if the holidays always fly by. All of that preparation for a day that is filled with friends, family and catching up- it never seems to last long enough, does it? I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!

In wanting to prolong the holidays for another day or so, I wanted to share with you the new tree in my rental this year.

So, I have a little bit of news that may come as a shock to you. I really enjoy the television show, Conan. You could even go so far as to say that I really like Conan O’Brien.

A bit of history for you, all so I don’t look like a complete and total creeper. When I was in 8th grade, my one brother was a huge fan of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. He introduced me to the show and I tried so hard to stay awake to watch it. Sometimes I would doze off for a moment or two and be awoken to pillows being thrown at me. But I can safely say that it was completely worth it, as I grew to find this redheaded man to be hilarious.

Since 8th grade, I would watch his show every night. I was actually scared when I went to college because I feared my roommate would not understand how funny Conan was, or worse, would not be a night owl and wouldn’t stay up late to watch his show. My fears were right, but I found ways to make it happen and still be able to catch up with him each night. You could say that I was nerd. I wouldn’t argue.

When Conan took over The Tonight Show, I was so pumped! Being that my brother, the one who ‘introduced’ me to Conan, lives in Los Angeles, I decided to request tickets to The Tonight Show AND visit my brother. Naturally, bring him to the show, too.

Sadly, the entire thing where Jay Leno retired then didn’t retire happened. Or at least, that is the polite way I refer to the real situation because it’s silly to be mad at things that are beyond our control, and lets be honest, things that have to deal with anything that I am currently writing. As I was packing up to go to Los Angeles, the terrible news came out that The Tonight Show was no longer with Conan.

Don’t fret: I still had a lovely time in L.A.

When Conan got his show on TBS, you bet your bottom dollar I requested tickets once again. When I got them, I ran to my balcony and screamed to all of downtown Cleveland that I was going to see Conan live. The city of Cleveland shouted some colorful things right back to me.

I won’t get into the prepping that took place in getting ready to see Conan live. Or the cupcakes I made. Or the outfit I had to wear. Let’s just say that it was something I dreamt of and I was over the moon to have had the opportunity to sit in his audience and watch not just one taping, but TWO tapings of his show. World. Rocked.

So, to sum up, I like Conan.

As you know, I have this generic tree that I keep up year-round to decorate each month based on the holiday. As Christmas got closer, I kept thinking of making this tree into a Conan tree. “But how?!” I wondered.

Something I always notice about Conan are his ties. The man wears really vibrant, memorable colored and patterned ties. I know. It’s weird, but I think of ties when thinking of Conan. Now that I mention this, trust me, you will take notice of his ties each time you watch his show.

I knew that I needed to make ties as an ornament (or ‘ornies’ for short). I drew a basic tie and cut it out of construction paper. This became my template. I purchased felt in a variety of colors. I traced the tie template on the felt and from there, I went to town.

Literally, I had to run to town to grab more supplies.

When I came back, I glued shapes and essentially I designed a line of M of Hearts Conan ties out of felt. This is what they looked like:

Conan Ties

Each tie is different, just like each snowflake. I also purchased these little white ornaments that I wanted to paint his face on, along with the words “Conan” and “Coco,” the nickname Tom Hanks coined for Conan.

Hand-painted Conan Ornis

I was with my cousin while I purchased the felt and her eyes landed on some orange… fur. Laughing, we knew it had to be hair for Conan. You know that image of the Conan logo where it is just his head/hair and the word “Conan?” I was inspired by that to make it as my tree topper. I found a round ball that is used to make floral arrangements out of and pinned Conan’s hair onto his ‘head.’

Conan's Hair

It got a little intense, as I would love to have the opportunity to speak to Conan’s stylist or hairdresser. The damn poof wouldn’t cooperate. I quite literally had a salon happening in my apartment. I was trimming. There was hair everywhere. Hairspray even got involved. But all for the result of this:

View from the top of the Conan Tree

My friend Brie was in New York and bought me the “Late Night” keychain that I added to the tree as another ornie. I also added some string around the tree to symbolize the “string dance” Conan is known to do.

Lastly, well, actually I put them on first, but to embody this tree and to really make it feel like Conan, I used orange lights.

Conan Ornies

My cousin brilliantly gave me the idea to have two extra trees around “Conan.” One to be Andy and one to be the Basic Cable Band, “BCB”. Uh, yes!

I made Andy a little tie and am currently working on his podium. I am debating printing out his face and placing it on top of the tree, but I am skeptical. I don’t want to get carried away, after all.

Andy Tree

I wrapped musical note ribbon around the “BCB” and am also debating their faces on the tree, but uncertain for the same reasons mentioned above.

Basic Cable Band Tree

It is a work in progress, as I need to finish Andy’s podium and decide on adding their faces. I intend to add a little each year to really make it feel like Conan.

BCB, Conan and Andy Trees

So, there you have it. This is my Conan tree. Yes, I am a fan. No, I am not a stalker. Yes, I would love to meet Conan one day and ask him three questions: One, do you even like ties? Two, do you find Bloody Mary’s to be tasty? And finally three, may I take a photograph with you?

Do you have a tree you decked out in a particular theme? I would love to see photos! And how was your holiday?




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