Fantasy Fashion + Finds Friday for December 13th, 2013

m-diamondBaby, it’s cold outside! So, let’s head to Sugar Beach, St. Lucia and trade the perfectly white snow for perfectly white sand. Okay, so maybe this month may not work out with all of the holiday parties, but why not ring in the new year in a new location with lots of sunshine and sand? Get packing now!



I have shared some trinkets from this site once before, but I can’t get enough of it (plus, with each season/holiday brings new products). How funny is this serving tray (there is another one, in a similar pattern)? Perfect to use when presenting a gift of cookies this holiday season, or for use as a serving dish at your own party (be sure to shop the rest of this site- a true gift for every person in your life)!



In my most recent trip, I know for certain if I had monogrammed Tumi luggage, I would not have had the incident that took place at Baggage Claim. And I know you won’t either!



I could not resist… here is yet another goodie from Waiting on Martha. Do you have a tradition at Christmas where you open gifts up in your pajamas? I know a lot of families that opt for fun traditions and these pajamas add cute and sweet to comfort, for women!



Christmas Cookies!

Candy Cane Cookieshire_btn

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Tis’ the season for decorations, mailing cards, fights with lights, shopping for presents (and wrapping them) and Christmas cookies galore!

What is your favorite cookie to bake? Do you have a tradition to bake with family or friends?

One of my favorite cookies to bake is, without a doubt, the candy cane cookie. While they take a little bit longer to bake than other cookies, it’s nice to start with them first while baking others.

It’s fun to make a variety of cookies and wrap them up in sweet containers to give as gifts. Some other favorites that I enjoy baking are Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, Spritz cookies and the classic sugar cookie.

I know that this time of year tends to sneak up upon us and as much as we would love to do it all, there is never enough time. If you need assistance in baking for a family event or holiday party, I would LOVE to help you! Simply hit the “Hire Me” tab and let’s get chatting about cookies!