Typo… er, I Sure Hope Not!

Typo SparklesAre you having a difficult time finding gifts for the stocking? For whatever reason, I always forget about stocking stuffers and filling them up with oodles of cute trinkets. I find myself rushing around for last minute shopping. If this sounds familiar to you, get excited because I have the ideal stocking stuffers for you from a one-stop destination shop!

Typo is this charming store of wonderfulness. Hear me out:  You walk in and you can’t help but say “My goodness!” You are welcomed by their launch table filled with the latest collection of bags, iPad holders, iPhone cases, cute pencils, desk holders and trinkets.

Typo II

Once you make it past that table and free up your hands a little, they have unique cards that will have you cracking up or saying “Awww.” They have walls filled with items based on themes: Traveling, owls, love, whimsical, unicorns, etc. They have clocks, both wall and desk. They truly have everything, and something for everyone.

Hoot Hoot Typo Goodies

While the store I visited was in San Francisco, they do have other stores that may be near you. Or you can always order online and have the items delivered to your doorstep, er, stocking.

The last time I visited their shop, I stocked up on cards and found the perfect sequined ‘home’ for my iPad, Paddy, and my iPhone, Appletini. They both quite literally screamed my name as soon as I walked into the store (and they matched my kicks):

Typo Sparkles

They really have the best traveling products for that traveler in your life. Come January, I will be posting my traveling tips and what I pack in my carry-on (I know, perhaps a little late, but a good kick-off to the new year). Typo has these cases for you to hold your passport, photo I.D., currency and tickets. For me, this is a tricky item to come by, but they have oodles of them in cute patterns, prints and colors!

I also love to visit people’s homes and see how they decorate or make everything work on their desk. I’ll be the first to admit that I have a desk in my rental that is organized and decorated really cute. And then I have my craft table (my kitchen table turned into a nightmare). It absolutely needs some love and Typo goodies to have a perfect place to store everything. And sooner, rather than later!

I promise you that if you were to head over to Typo right now, you would find a perfect item to sprinkle some cheer on someone’s holiday season!




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