Fantasy Fashion + Finds Friday for January 31st, 2014

m-diamondInterested in a different type of centerpiece for your living room wall (other than that huge TV)? How about a unique design for your books or photos? Love this!



Who lights your fire? Consider gifting them a candle with their portrait on it. Celebrate the love of your life by letting their flame shine on. Perhaps order one of you as well so you can shine together!



Ever feel like getting lost? I think a visit to a treehouse would do just the trick! Let’s escape to Loire Valley, France and hang out in a tree for a few hours.



Charlotte Olympia, I must ask thee why you create such exquisite items that make my heart flutter? With so many new pieces to choose from, let me go with what you would catch me wearing to any Super Bowl game: Fancy footwear!  You get me each time, C.O.!



14 Days of Valentines (or, The Countdown to V-Day)

Thumbnail ShotI don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day but either you love it or hate it. There never seems to be a neutral when it comes to this day of love.

For me personally, I am a lover of all things holidays. And from what I have learned from relationships, I use this day to date. Dating. What a concept, right? We find our plus one and grow comfortable. Sometimes we forget that it is a form of work. And with work, you sometimes need to rekindle the spark or remind one another why you fell for each other. While you may completely disagree with me, I think that given the time and the circumstances with money and unemployment being so high, why not do simple acts of kindness to remind the people in your life where they stand? Hear me out:

I think one of the sweetest things you can do for another person is to show small tokens of appreciation. Whether it be through making items or spending very little, how about doing this every day for 14 days?

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A Treat For Your Feet

The Good StuffI have to let you in on another secret of mine:  I am a fan of dry shampoo. A strange secret to share, but one that is beneficial to know and perhaps the best advice you will be given today. Okay, perhaps a stretch, but I am getting to the point.

In addition to having dry shampoo in my collection of hair products for my hair, dry shampoo is actually more beneficial to my shoes, or rather, I use it more for that purpose. It is an excellent 2-for-1 to have around your home. Continue reading

Spray & Go Saves the Day!

My HeroIsn’t it just like Murphy and his little law to discontinue products that we grow to love? I understand from working retail that it’s all about making things better and marketing strategies, but sometimes, it can be downright frustrating.

Right now with this Polar Vortex and really chilly temperatures, my skin has seen (and felt) better days. While nothing new, I mean, I’ve lived in Cleveland my entire life and either it really is getting colder or my immunity to it is starting to decrease, it’s just uncomfortable to my sensitive skin.

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How About… A Baking Cake?!

Angela's Presenthire_btnThis is a service offered by the M of Hearts.

When my friend Angela’s birthday was coming up, I knew that I wanted to make her a cake. She loves to make delicious cupcakes and baked goods, so it had to be all things sweet for her!

Last week, I shared with you a cake in towel form. With that on my mind, I knew that I wanted to attempt creating a ‘cake’ with baking items (because cakes for birthdays- I mean, it’s perfect).  Her birthday was in December, so I went with a holiday theme, which worked well because she loves gingerbread men (or mans, as she likes to say).

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