14 Days of Valentines (or, The Countdown to V-Day)

Thumbnail ShotI don’t know what it is about Valentine’s Day but either you love it or hate it. There never seems to be a neutral when it comes to this day of love.

For me personally, I am a lover of all things holidays. And from what I have learned from relationships, I use this day to date. Dating. What a concept, right? We find our plus one and grow comfortable. Sometimes we forget that it is a form of work. And with work, you sometimes need to rekindle the spark or remind one another why you fell for each other. While you may completely disagree with me, I think that given the time and the circumstances with money and unemployment being so high, why not do simple acts of kindness to remind the people in your life where they stand? Hear me out:

I think one of the sweetest things you can do for another person is to show small tokens of appreciation. Whether it be through making items or spending very little, how about doing this every day for 14 days?

Start planning today! It’s super easy. Don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend and plan to boycott this day to its entirety? Why not do this for a roommate, friend or co-worker? Everyone deserves to feel love!

Starting February 1st, you will do small acts, or very small gifts, to show this person they are thought of.

For instance, begin day one with their favorite candy. For my example, I selected Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and arranged them in a heart shape on a table in the kitchen. You can do this while the person is sleeping so that it is ready for them when they wake up (or on their desk at work, or in their car, or in their lunch, etc.). Taking basic cardstock, I wrote a number “1,” for day one of this. You can also add a sweet note explaining how they will get one gift a day until Valentine’s Day.

Day One

For day two, is the person you are doing this for a huge coffee fan? How about prepping the coffee for them the night before and setting out their favorite mug (or getting them a new mug)? Top it off with a heartfelt card.

Coffee Maker

I know I said to make the gifts, but if you are in a time crunch and it’s easier to purchase items, I am a fan of the Target Dollar Spot. 14 items for $14 dollars? Cheaper than dinner and a movie- sign me up!

I found this cute magnetic coffee note pad- ideal for grocery lists and quick notes! Perfect for day three.

Coffee Treats

If you’re doing this for a girlfriend, you can’t go wrong with the latest magazines and a cute new nail polish color. You know them and getting them what they love is a small gesture of reminding them you pay attention to detail.


You also can’t go wrong with lip gloss. I do not know of a single female who is not obsessed with EOS and has at least one in her purse (if not every single ‘flavor’).

EOS lip gloss

Essentially, it’s a small gift a day to remind that person that you notice what they like and you’re celebrating them. You can even get a meaningful bag of candy. For instance, I had a boyfriend who I would go on road trips with a lot. Whenever we were about to embark upon a trip, I would always grab our favorite Pretzel M&M’s to share with him on the road. If I were doing this for him, I would consider planning a mini-road trip and supplying the candy. Think about the meaningful things you like and play them up.

You will start on February 1st and surprise them each day. You can even get a “bigger” item for the 14th if you wish. Something like a picture frame or yes, a mini trip. Consider making them dinner, though 14 gifts are sweet enough!

If you go the candy route, I have had some friends do this idea with coordinating notes to candy. For instance, buy this person Pop Rocks and write a little note along side of it saying “You Rock!” Cheese is all part of the game and there is no better time to play this up than on Valentine’s Day!

This would also be a fun idea to do with your little ones to embrace the holiday and their youth. Treat them to candy each night for dessert with a fun note.

And honestly, it’s true:  Times are tough and we are doing what we can to survive right now. It’s easy to lose sight of the person you are with or take them for granted, thinking they will always be there for you. Take advantage of this holiday, whether or not you feel it’s commercialized or silly, and remind the one in your life how much you love them. Especially if you are unable to do so on a daily basis.

Need more inspiration or a little help to get started? You know I’m here for you!



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