A Treat For Your Feet

The Good StuffI have to let you in on another secret of mine:  I am a fan of dry shampoo. A strange secret to share, but one that is beneficial to know and perhaps the best advice you will be given today. Okay, perhaps a stretch, but I am getting to the point.

In addition to having dry shampoo in my collection of hair products for my hair, dry shampoo is actually more beneficial to my shoes, or rather, I use it more for that purpose. It is an excellent 2-for-1 to have around your home.

You see, I won’t lie to you because that would be silly. And I won’t sugarcoat the embarrassing human truths of me. I have a few pairs of footwear that require no socks. And when my feet are in said shoes, there isn’t a lot of breathing that takes place. So when I take off my shoes, it causes my cheeks to turn bright red due to embarrassment from a foot odor that begins to surround the air. For whatever reason, it happens with only my sequin pairs of Toms, not my classics. My shoes with a hint of sparkle cause a hint of stench. I always knew glitter was a problem.

Leopard Print Toms

Once I am done wearing my shoes for the day, I will grab my dry shampoo and spray the inside with few quick sprays. What dry shampoo does for your hair, it also does for your shoes. It grabs that moisture within my shoes and dries them out while leaving a soft, subtle scent that does not make me blush.

The Stinky Ones

In fact, my shoes smell good. And when they are dry, I will put them in their ‘home’ and my shoe closet smells fresh, clean and shockingly pretty.

I have shared this secret with several friends who at first look at me like I am nuts. But once I show them how much this works, they are now hooked! And you will be, too!

I know with all of the snow we’re having that it’s making our shoes soaked and later, stinky. But with dry shampoo at your aid, you can still wear those shoes and not worry. Perhaps you’ve even been stuck in snow because a sign telling you not to drive somewhere was knocked down and you were out of cell phone reach and unable to call for help. The only option was to run through piles of snow to get help from truckers. And your feet were drenched and stinky. Whatever your story, it happens. And I am not one to judge.

This may or may not be a true story. But it's a good one (notice the truck in the background).

This may or may not be a true story. But it’s a good one (notice the truck in the background).

I will warn you that it does leave a light, white coating in your shoes. But fear not- it does not stain your shoes in the least! And I know what you are thinking: What about products that are made specifically for your feet that are a heck of a lot cheaper. I used to be a hard-core dancer. By that, I mean I took tap, ballet, jazz, hip-hop and point before my knees turned on me. I have had so many pairs of shoes in my lifetime and I have had stinky feet syndrome. Judge me and giggle, as I do not mind. I was blessed with feet that sweat at times. Essentially, what I am confessing is that I have tried every foot product for shoes that has been created and nothing has worked for me as well as dry shampoo. So you have my word when I say it will work for you, too. And sometimes, sadly, if you pay the price for more expensive items, they are often pricier for a reason… they work.

VS Goods

I also use dry shampoo for a quick refresher in between shampoos or lately, when I wear a hat. For whatever reason, if I spray my roots with a few sprays prior to putting on a hat, it helps with those little strands that go nuts when I remove my hat. And it really adds volume! Just be sure to read the instructions and tease/brush your hair so you don’t have patches of white throughout your lovely locks.

My favorite brand of dry shampoo is from Victoria’s Secret. The So Sexy Style Clean & Go Dry Shampoo is a true life savor. Out of all of the brands that I have tried, I am obsessed with the scent and the product (it’s a nice clean scent that works for both male and female). I promise you, it’s worth the $14!

So Sexy Style

If you don’t have a bottle of dry shampoo in your life, I am telling you it is a great ‘investment.’ It is a multiple use product and honestly, my shoes love it more than my hair!

Ever try this trick? How did it work for you?





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  1. I’ve tried it and had success with my hair, although after a while I did notice that it would leave white patches on my hair if I didn’t use a comb right after applying
    Works really well to remove excessive moisture and oiliness

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