Bake Me A Cake

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My friend Brittany got married last June. She is no ordinary friend. She is someone who knows everything about me and likes me despite my flaws and madness.

In her finding her best friend, and the love of her life, a celebration had to be arranged (in addition to the marriage, naturally). Brittany has been there for me, like her dad, in many ups-and-downs, and it was so exciting to be standing by her side as she exchanged those vows. 

For her bacholorette party, we were having a spa day of massages, mani/pedis, macarons and cocktails (or two… or three).


To go along with the theme, my dear friend Tenzi and I wanted to create something truly special for her, as Brittany is a true gift to Tenzi and I.

We decided to bake her a cake, in spa form (you have to catch on to my love of themes already).

The Gift

We picked her up from her hotel room the morning of the rehearsal dinner and toasted to her with macarons and champagne.


We bought her a personalized robe with her new last name to wear at the spa to really celebrate her.

Brittany and her Robe

From her registry, we got her the towels off of her list and I made them to look like a cake.

Towel Cake

We added lotions, body washes, lip glosses, face masks and make up- all things spa related!

Items in the Cake

Essentially, we ‘baked’ her a cake, with all of the supplies she would need to pamper herself for her wedding day, and beyond.

Top of the Cake

I even found this sweet bride hankie for her to use during her wedding day, and tucked it into the cake.

Wedding Day Hankie

Do you need a ‘cake’ in towel form for an upcoming event or party? They are perfect for a shower, a bacholorette party, a new home gift, a rough break-up-cheering-up gift, a birthday gift- the options are endless. And wait until you see the baking version I made of this cake!

Send me a line, and lets get ‘baking!’




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