FlaxI have to fill you in on another secret. And it’s a big one.

There is a store in San Francisco, California that is simply divine for all of you artsy, crafty, creative fans out there (and anyone in-between). This secret goes by the name of Flax.

I was searching for the best accessories to sew on the bras that I was making for my mom and I was taken to this store that instantly became my favorite shop of all time. I promise you that if you are in the Bay area, not only do you HAVE to stop by this store, but you have to allow yourself at least a good half hour, if not longer, to shop. Every inch of this store is packed with the cleverest of items that will be exactly what you were seeking to complete a project.

They quite literally have something for everyone here. The most luxurious sets of stationary that would make the ideal host/hostess gift. A wall of cards that are perfect for any occasion. Fine papers and gift wrap, bakers wrap ribbon and ribbon galore. Rhinestones, gift boxes and washi tape. A room made just for frames and organization. A section for our sweet little munchkins and crafts for kids. Beautiful notebooks and journals. This store is simply a work of art.


The first time I went to Flax, I found the perfect finishing touch of rhinestones to sew on the bras I made for my mom. I found cards that I knew would cheer her up and thank you notes for friends helping us through this time. I only had a half hour and I managed to grab everything my hands could hold and walk through the entire store.

The next time I was in San Francisco, it was on the top of my list of places to visit and I allowed myself a good hour. That good hour made for tons of items I may or may not have needed, but great items for crafts and ideas that are featured (or will be soon) on M of Hearts.

It’s so much more than your average craft store. It’s filled with everything your heart desires, and more, at reasonable prices. If you’re visiting SF, I recommend checking a bag and leaving your carry-on empty so that you can fill it with goodies you can only find here.

Have you ever been to Flax? How much did you love it?




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