How About… A Baking Cake?!

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When my friend Angela’s birthday was coming up, I knew that I wanted to make her a cake. She loves to make delicious cupcakes and baked goods, so it had to be all things sweet for her!

Last week, I shared with you a cake in towel form. With that on my mind, I knew that I wanted to attempt creating a ‘cake’ with baking items (because cakes for birthdays- I mean, it’s perfect).  Her birthday was in December, so I went with a holiday theme, which worked well because she loves gingerbread men (or mans, as she likes to say).

I gathered the latest frostings, which I used to create the tiers within the ‘cake.’

Angela's Gift- Frosting

I found fun holiday related towels and wrapped them around the frosting, holding them together with small pins and a bow.

Another View of the 'Cake'

I cut the sides and top off of a cardboard box and wrapped it with birthday paper (in colors to match the ‘cake’).

Wrapping the Present

And then came all of the fun! I found gingerbread man spatulas, cupcake liners, measuring spoons, cupcake carriers, cake decorations and even soap! I added sprinkles in all different shapes (I fell for these darling snowflake ones- perfect for the weather we’re currently having) and I added cake mix:

Angela's Gift- Cake Mix

And all sorts of fun baking accessories!

Angela's Gift II

It was so much fun to create this for Angela and I was excited to spoil her on her birthday!

Angela's Present

This makes a great gifting idea for someone in your life who loves to bake! It’s perfect with Valentine’s Day coming up and would make a great alternative to flowers. It would even be a really sweet idea for a housewarming gift. Again, the options are endless and I would love to help get you started in creating this!





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