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With award season upon us, film festivals kicking off and the Oscars right around the corner, planning to host a movie-related party is something on several people’s agenda. In wanting to have an option for something outside of the popcorn box, and a really clever centerpiece idea (as well as a delicious dessert), I decided to bake popcorn cupcakes. 

I was at first debating whether or not they should be popcorn flavored, but after a long discussion, I went with the classic vanilla approach to satisfy all taste buds (and to avoid a potential stomach ache).

Vanilla BatterI lined the cupcakes with a basic white colored liner. To really provide these cupcakes with the red and white signature colored popcorn box look, I found these wraps that I added to them once the cupcakes were complete.

Finishing TouchUsing Jet-Puffed mini-marshmallows, I took a knife and gently made a basic “x” through the marshmallows. It was really neat to see how they went from marshmallow to ‘popcorn!’

The KernalI made a basic buttercream frosting and frosted the cupcakes before I added the marshmallows on top of them. The added touch, to provide ‘butter’ to the ‘popcorn,’ I sprinkled yellow colored shimmer dust upon the cupcakes.

More Butter

They turned out darling!

Popcorn Shot

Combine them with some cute Oscar or movie reel sugar cookies, and your party will be a true hit! I boxed these beauties up and they were good to go to a meeting for the Cleveland International Film Festival.

Cupcakes Packaged

Will these popcorn cupcakes be the perfect finishing touch to your event? I’d love to help you!




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