Spray & Go Saves the Day!

My HeroIsn’t it just like Murphy and his little law to discontinue products that we grow to love? I understand from working retail that it’s all about making things better and marketing strategies, but sometimes, it can be downright frustrating.

Right now with this Polar Vortex and really chilly temperatures, my skin has seen (and felt) better days. While nothing new, I mean, I’ve lived in Cleveland my entire life and either it really is getting colder or my immunity to it is starting to decrease, it’s just uncomfortable to my sensitive skin.

In shopping for lotions and trying new products to find the one that isn’t greasy and that will work best for my skin, I finally tried the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer. While yes, a little bit late in the game, as this product has been out since last summer, I am in love.

Close Up

It’s ideal for when I get out of the shower because all I want to do is put on layers and layers of clothes as quickly as possible. I can spray on my lotion and by the time I reach for my jeans, I am good to go! It has no scent to it, so I can still wear my perfume and not be worried about having too many things going on (as far as scents are concerned).

Another of the Goods

I can’t wait for the summer, for countless reasons, but mostly for a lotion. Yes, read that again- no joke. Just like seasons, my skin needs some extra love depending on what is happening with the weather or elements. Even with the right amount of sunscreen, I always tend to get a slight burn. I can see this lotion as being something so soothing to my skin. It sprays gently on and would be the perfect feeling for uncomfortable burns.

I even sprayed a little on my hands last night before bed and it was the treatment they needed. When I woke up, I could tell a difference and see that it was just what the doctor ordered.

Have a favorite lotion? Share it! I am sure a lot of you are in the same boat as me and are shopping for the best lotion for your skin type. Or, you lost an old favorite due to ‘The Land of Discontinue.’





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