Thanks For Saving My Caboose

Close Up ShotI had a bad day.

Okay, so in retrospect, it really wasn’t all that bad. Perhaps I should say, “A series of unfortunate events took place.” However, at that time, it just felt bad. Allow me to explain:

I have a cat named Madam Carly O’Brien and she is quite the character! A heck of a lot of personality and major cattitude. Her personality is similar to that of a dog, so she is coined a ‘cag.’ Why am I telling you all of this? I’m getting there.

Carly likes to ‘punish’ me with ‘treats’ when I am out of town for a few days or not home for extended hours. I’ve been used to this and it’s often her, well at the risk of being gross (it’s her doing this, not me), defecating on my bed. But one such day when I was in a rush and forgot to shut my bedroom door, she decided to urinate. All over my bed. No exaggeration and not to dwell on this subject of bathroom talk, but it was literally all over my bed. What makes this a bit worse is that I did not notice this at first and crawled under my covers… and then noticed. This has now happened twice and I swear that if you’re really quiet, you can hear Madam cracking up in the corner she is hiding from me.

Don't Be Fooled by the Cute

Do not be fooled by the cute

I had to order a new comforter and bedding. Once it arrived, I am a unique character where I can’t just put the new comforter on my bed. I felt this was an excellent opportunity to clean my entire room. And I mean clean. All of the nooks and crannies would be dust bunny free and not a scrape of fur would be seen.

Since I live in a rental, it’s tight corners and not a lot of room to move furniture. So, the genius that I am, I stripped down my bed and began to place my furniture on my bed to make way for the vacuum. And I vacuumed every corner of my room.

When the dusting and cleaning was complete, it was time to put everything back. As I was turning to grab my furniture, my nightstand got a bit excited by it’s new, clean spot in my room and shook with delight. And started to fall. My head, thankfully, was right there to catch its spill. Thank. Goodness.

When I say that a nightstand to the head hurt, that’s not an exaggeration. It took my breath away, caused tears to come out of nowhere and form in my eyes, and a loud, naughty word to come screaming out of my mouth.

Once I placed the nightstand down and decorated it accordingly, I went to the bathroom to see that an egg was protruding out of my forehead. It looked… good. It was painful to the touch and just one of the best accessories I have gotten for free.

So that happened.

After I finished my room, I stepped back and took in the cleanliness and comfort in my new comforter. It was a lovely sight. I then decided it was time to sleep since the next day was going to be a day spent at the hospital for my dad’s surgery. I am not sure if any of you are like this, but on the eve of an important day, I always find myself wide-awake just thinking. And that was exactly what I did. The next thing I knew, I fell asleep at 4:00 a.m., only to wake up at 5:15 a.m.

I jumped out of bed, got ready and was pumped to be on time.

Here’s another little fact you should know:  I am notorious for running late. It’s not at all to be inappropriate or disrespectful. I find myself working on projects or trying to do one more thing before I have to leave for somewhere. Or, I may be fine-tuning my make up or changing clothes one more time. I am known to be between four and seven minutes late. Not something I am proud of, but just a fact. And I get called out on it a lot. If you know me, you are likely calling me out on this as you read.

When I noticed that I was not only on time, but really early, I jumped for joy and thought I would warm up my car. You see, it was the coldest day in Cleveland and I had to go pick up my brother to take him to the airport before heading up to the hospital to hang out with my mom.

As I put my key into the ignition and tried to start my car… nothing. I got a little nervous and tried again. Anddddd… more nothing.

I swallowed hard and tried to fight back the tears that were already there. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep combined with the headache from the nightstand or the fact that I could not be late in picking up my brother, but water works were falling in every direction.

I shook it off, said ‘no!’ and called my mom, followed by my brother. Thankfully, my parents had one car, leaving another at their home. My brother was staying at their home so I had him pick me up in their car, drive to the airport and I drove the car back to their home. A lot of switching it up, but thank goodness for a second set of wheels.

But what about my car, Pluto?

I won’t lie. I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to cars. With my dad out for the count with his operation, I was a little worried. And I don’t like to burden others with my ‘problems.’

But that’s one thing I want to work on this year. And that’s when friends came to my rescue.

I called the father of two of my very dear friends (one is my graphic designer for M of Hearts). And boy, did he come to my rescue.

He helped to jump my car and installed a battery to Pluto, and got my car running again. He was my guardian angel.

Thank You GA

How do you thank someone who took time out of his day to help you? I know that he loves trains, so I wanted to play with that idea. I decided on baking him sugar cookies and, using train cookie cutters, make him ones that would be right up his alley.

Getting Ready for Delivery

I also decided to make him angel ones since he came to my rescue.

Angel Cookies

And of course, beer. Because while I know sugar cookies are tasty, they aren’t like beer.


As I write this, I realize that this really wasn’t the worst day ever. I blame the nightstand for heightening my emotions and making things seem much worse than they really were. But it was the build up of one thing after another, after another. That’s life, I know. A series of tests to determine your strength or your poise in handling everything. I won’t lie- I can handle a great deal; so much more than I ever imagined. But it doesn’t not come with a few tears and a few questions of faith. The one aspect that remains the same, and that I realize repeatedly, is the importance of friends. As much as I like to pretend I am Superwoman and I can handle it all, I can’t. And I couldn’t get through all of the aspects life throws at me without the support of friends.  They are the heroes in your life that help you through the tough times.

My friends’ father is like a second dad to me and I will be forever grateful for his help and coming to my recue when I needed him.

Close Up ShotEver have a tough day? Who was your guardian angel that came to your rescue?

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