Mindy Mae’s Market

Sorry I'm LateI mentioned to you last week that I do a lot of research via Instagram. I was so happy one day to land upon Mindy Mae’s Market!

I may have confessed once before that I am notorious for falling behind four to seven minutes late from time to time. It is not anything I am proud of and it certainly is something that I am working on, but coming across a particular shirt made me laugh. I found it to be so charming, and yet another item that I needed. Continue reading

Bioré Self Heating One Minute Mask

Smile You're Wearing A Mask

Boo! Did I scare you?!

I am not sure about all of you, but when I am stressed out or busy I tend to do one of two things: rearrange everything in my home and clean, or make a spa day to catch some relaxation. But spas aren’t necessarily affordable, as in, you can’t really go there once a week. I went to get a massage and when I did the math, the thought of being on the table and rationalizing that there goes food for the week, I was so stressed that I left. It made me giggle to think of how as they would rub my back, I would be so tense.

To make up for it, I decided to bring the spa to my home with a bubble bath and a face mask. I spoke of Lush once before (and trust me, they will come up again). They have this charcoal soap called Coalface that really gets down and scrubs out dead skin, leaving your skin feeling refreshed. The scent to it is pretty comforting, too. Between that and one of their bubble bars, it was delightful! Continue reading

Travel with the M of Hearts!

travelTake a peek at M of Hearts. Notice anything new?

Little Miss Annette Drapac is at it again for me. And per usual, she delivers in such a way that makes me smile from ear to ear!

Let me share one story with you: I email Annette a lot. At all hours of the day and quite literally the night. I will come up with ideas that are out of this world, and this talented woman quite literally takes what I envision and makes it into a reality. She is brilliant. She is speedy. She is talented beyond my wildest expectations. She is a true treasure.

One day I emailed her about how I love sharing places I travel to with others and how, based off of feedback, it is what people want. I was curious if she could help me implement a map to M of Hearts with tiny hearts (naturally) above the city in which I speak of. And boy, could she ever make this happen.

Go ahead and click on the link, right about the category selection, to see the three hearts of places to visit. And watch as we build upon this map and provide you with excellent choices for your travels. Or maybe you will be introduced to a hidden gem of your hometown- you never know!

From being someone who was deathly frightened to fly, I have overcome that fear and I can’t get enough. I love to travel! I love to find those hidden gems I mentioned and share them with others. I can’t get enough of the beauty within other cities and the magic and memories they provide. If I could help make your travels more enjoyable by suggesting a place to check out, well, that would certainly be such a lovely gift to give.

Speaking of which, I have been asked about packing ideas, bag options and travel related questions. I am working to get those to you soon. But is there anything else you may want to see? Feel free to leave a comment and I will get those questions answered soon.

Stay tuned for so much more travel excitement to come! I have a big surprise coming your way mid-March!




In-N-Out Burger

Oh yeah, this cupI first learned about In-N-Out Burger when Conan O’Brien did a sketch about this land of delicious burgers. He brought it up on his show a few other times, both with guests and without, and spoke about it with such conviction that I knew I needed to book a flight to Los Angeles immediately to figure out what the hype was all about. Could a burger really be that good?

Now, I am a little impulsive and do do things last minute and plan trips based on food, shopping or just because. However, I assure you that I did not book a flight to Los Angeles strictly to go to In-N-Out. One day I would love to do that, but at this current point in my life, and in 2010 when I scheduled this trip to LA, going strictly for a burger was out of the question.  Continue reading

Fantasy Fashion + Finds Friday for February 21st, 2014

m-diamondTo own a home with a large bay window decked out with darling pillows and the coziest little reading nook in town is on my list to one day have. Check out this blue option! All that is missing is you and a book.



I will never complain for being too busy. And Hello Merch knows how to take a message like “I’m so tired” and make it cute! Can’t decide between that sweatshirt or these darling heart leggings.



Let’s escape to Heidelberg, Germany and visit the Heidelberg Palace. Picturesque views, history and hello- a castle?! Sign me up!



In prepping for a large event, I will need my phone to be charged 24/7. I shared the darling bag that charges your phone, but Kate Spade always grabs my attention with ideal and cute necessities like this one.



Is there something you would like to see being featured on the M of Diamonds? Leave a comment and I will try to add it in next Friday (even if it is something you have been trying to find and can’t seem to narrow down- I can help)!