Chanel Cupcakes

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I was absolutely delighted when I was given the opportunity to bake for a 30th birthday party! I was even more excited with the theme of the party which was “Chanel No. 30.” Who doesn’t love lace, pearls and all things elegant?

I was asked to make two flavors of cupcakes:  Chocolate and red velvet.

I certainly do not mean to brag, but my classic chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting are for sure my signature cupcake, and pretty darn delicious. They are Tasty with a capital “T” and the buttercream frosting is known to make stomachs smile. For this cupcake, I tried to imitate lace in frosting form to give that elegance of Chanel.


The birthday girl loves the color pink and zebra print (again, who doesn’t)?! It was fun to shop Jo Ann’s selection to find their latest cupcake liners that would fit this criteria.

Cupcake Liner

I found edible pearls that made for the perfect finishing touch to these beauties:

Edible Pearls

I added a little sparkle to them with sugar crystals, and they were good to go:

More Lace Detail

For the second batch of cupcakes, I made a red velvet with a cream cheese frosting.

Chanel Pearls

For these, I used Wilton Shape-N-Amaze to create the signature “CC” logo. They provided a 3-d element to the cupcake and helped to give it that extra flair, similar to that special touch Chanel is known to offer with their products.


The red velvet recipe I used allowed me to bake some extras. So I made mini-cupcakes to have as one more option. Sort of to give that “perfume bar” vibe, but in cupcake bar form:

Ready for Delivery

I loaded them up and they were ready for delivery:

Boxed Up and Ready To Go!

It was thrilling to bake for such a sweet girl and her wonderful family. I am so very thankful that they allowed me the opportunity to do this! Wishing her a very Happy Birthday!

Do you have a special event coming up that could use an added touch? I’d love to help!




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