In-N-Out Burger

Oh yeah, this cupI first learned about In-N-Out Burger when Conan O’Brien did a sketch about this land of delicious burgers. He brought it up on his show a few other times, both with guests and without, and spoke about it with such conviction that I knew I needed to book a flight to Los Angeles immediately to figure out what the hype was all about. Could a burger really be that good?

Now, I am a little impulsive and do do things last minute and plan trips based on food, shopping or just because. However, I assure you that I did not book a flight to Los Angeles strictly to go to In-N-Out. One day I would love to do that, but at this current point in my life, and in 2010 when I scheduled this trip to LA, going strictly for a burger was out of the question. 

I had a wonderful opportunity to hang out with my brother and to see all of LA. On my last night in town, we made sure to check this restaurant out.

It makes me giggle to think of how when you travel, you want to try the food of that particular area. There are tons of restaurants and options, yet on the top of my list was a burger joint thanks to Conan.

Upon arrival, I was blown away by the line of cars. And I had to ask myself again, can a place that serves burgers really be this good?

Long lines of cars waiting to get a taste of this glorious burger.

Long lines of cars waiting to get a taste of this glorious burger.

Oh, yes. It can be.

The burgers are so delicious that you really wish you would go there starving so you could order two. Or three. The fries are a ‘healthy’ version of fries (say what?!). Meaning, they are not greasy tasting like the fries you get at your local fast food restaurant. And let’s just take one quick second to discuss the beverage containers, or, I suppose you could call them “cups.” They are decked out with red palm trees.

George's Photo

Photo by George Gund Photography

Everything tastes better coming from a palm tree.

And the atmosphere is fun! Can’t really word it better than that. The employees wear a perfect uniform of white and give the impression that they are thrilled to be helping you with your burger. The only thing that seems to be missing is a jukebox, but you hardly notice that once you are given your order and take that first bite.

Now, if you have enough room for a milkshake, may I recommend the vanilla? I am a fan of all things milkshake and this is yet another In-N-Out item you wish would last forever.

Each time I traveled out to the west coast, I really tried to make a trip to In-N-Out happen (and usually right before I flew back to Ohio, which is awesome for the plane ride). When I say that if I could fly to In-N-Out specifically for a burger, I am not kidding or exaggerating. It is that good of a place to dine. I have yet to find a match on the east coast and I am very much up for recommendations.

So plan a trip out west and ensure In-N-Out is on your list of places to try. Consider making a road trip up the coast of California and stopping there for lunch. As you take in every ounce of CA, savor each bite of your burger. Talk about a great day.

Again, if you happen to be eating there now, send me a photo! I am all for getting my food fix via photos these days.




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