Loving Lingerie

Black and WhiteOkay, I am just going to come out with it and say it.

I am a huge fan of lingerie. Bras, panties, garters, slips, camis, etc. Lace, silk, a hint of sparkle. Love. It. All.

I have always been a fan of all things lace and lovely since a young age. Perhaps that, mixed with working for a well-known lingerie brand for years, helped allow me to appreciate that lingerie isn’t something to be afraid of or to find distasteful or gross. It’s something, like a necklace, tattoo, or accessory that helps you articulate the person you are (or your interests). 

I was gifted this book, Hoorah for the Bra when I first started my second “major” job. It is my favorite coffee table book and provides me with some pretty fascinating facts on a popular undergarment.

Hoorah For The Bra

This book is filled with the history of the bra (and lingerie) and contains details I could take hours sharing. And I mean details! Take a look at how the book closes:

Oh, yes! That's a bra clasp.

Oh, yes! That’s a bra clasp.

While it may sound silly, or make some blush, I really believe that lingerie is a form of art. And it doesn’t have to be about the lace, craziness or all things uncomfortable (thong underwear- I’m calling you out). It is what you make of it. And finding a way to appreciate the simplicity in a basic item is what makes it that much more beautiful. Meaning, a woman can rock a solid black tank top in the same way she can rock a beautiful evening gown. It’s all in the attitude and in how she feels; in how that item makes her feel. The same is for a push-up bra and a classic cami. It’s all a matter of perception, really. But it is all equally fabulous and beautiful when one wears something super dressy or when one is in something comfortable and relaxing. It’s in the attitude and it shows through in the presentation.

If there is one aspect to this topic that I wish I could change, it would be in women’s perception of lingerie. It is a pain in the bottom to shop for, just like jeans or a nice dress. Truly, like anything! But with the right fit, it is not only flattering, but it can change how you feel. It is the items you wear closest to your body so it is equally important to spend some time to find what changes your attitude, and in what makes you feel good.

There is something to say about what goes on under your clothes. It’s like having the opportunity to wear two different outfits within a day. It’s the hidden allure about what is under the clothes you are presenting to the public.

For some reason, matching and wearing sets that are either similar in color, or meant to be together, and actually matching them to your clothing is my guilty habit. And there is so much to say about the debate between tights, thigh highs and stockings. My cousin and I were discussing this last night. They are all terrific in their own way. It’s all a matter of taste, comfort and in what makes you feel wonderful.

Lovely Pieces

I could literally talk for hours about this, and have likely brought it up in conversation to pick your brain or see where you stand on this topic of unmentionables. But rather than do that, since it IS the day before Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces or places to shop. Because I think sometimes what we don’t understand is what we fear most. People seem to only associate lingerie with sex and it is not really all that it is about (despite presenting this piece before a day where couples unite… the last paragraph explains why I am discussing this at all).

Think about it, ladies:  Maybe I am alone in feeling this way, but after a really long, hard day, it is so nice to take a bubble bath and throw on one of your favorite AND comfortable pajama sets. It just helps fix your mood and helps to make you feel better. Loving a casual look, like this:

Silk PJ's

There is a store in Los Angeles, California that I can’t wait to visit on my next trip out west. It goes by the name of Faire Frou Frou.

From their website, they carry something for every woman and at every price point imaginable. The store in and of itself is all dolled out. It just shouts femininity and girly!

They have great sleepwear options, pin-up pieces, your everyday necessities and dress up. They have sets, like the one pictured above, in silk and cotton. It seems like just the place to treat yourself (or the one you love) with a great new set of pajamas.

ModCloth is one of my favorite go-to places for more of a retro look. They are a little bit more on the M of Heart’s price point, too. And equally as lovely.

Leopard Love

And of course, you can’t go wrong at your Victoria’s Secret store. However, I completely know the debate some will bring up here. Allow me to pardon myself out of that debate by showing something pretty:

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Essentially, the point of this is not to cause a disagreement or to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. We are gifted with one body and it is up to us to feel good. Our own attitudes and perceptions. And sometimes you can use a little help from something in lace.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, treat yourself to something new and special that can help contribute to making a day better. Even if no one sees it, feeling good about yourself can make the world’s difference in your mood.

Have a favorite lingerie store? Tell me! I love to visit new shops and take in all of the details of both the shop and the product.




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