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Sorry I'm LateI mentioned to you last week that I do a lot of research via Instagram. I was so happy one day to land upon Mindy Mae’s Market!

I may have confessed once before that I am notorious for falling behind four to seven minutes late from time to time. It is not anything I am proud of and it certainly is something that I am working on, but coming across a particular shirt made me laugh. I found it to be so charming, and yet another item that I needed.

Allow me to show you (and if you saw my personal Instagram account, you may have already seen this):

Sorry I'm Late

Sorry I’m Late. The words I need to stop uttering to people and break that habit of running late.

I don’t know which is cuter though… the shirt or the sweatshirt. Both get the message across delightfully.

I purchased the tee and I love dressing it up with my lace bomber jacket. It adds sweetness to such a fun message. And I’ll pair it with one of my colored skinny jeans, my favorite being my pink ones.

But it doesn’t stop there. She also has really beautiful jewelry items. I got a bracelet and necklace for an incredibly reasonable price. Whenever I order jewelry online, I always get a little nervous, wondering if they will show up anything like the photo or if they will fall apart after one wearing.

I was delighted when I opened up each item. The quality is impeccable and I can’t get enough of either piece. They add the perfect amount of sparkle to any one of my outfits. If I am wearing a sweatshirt, it dresses it up very sweetly. And if I am wearing a dress, it adds the perfect finishing touch.

My Blog is Dope

Dressing up a sweatshirt with her Square Crystal Drop Necklace.

I also love wearing bangles with my watch. The more, the greater the statement it makes. It works well like that, or individually on my other wrist. The amount of compliments I have received when wearing these items is unbelievable.

I am in awe of all of the pieces I ordered and can’t wait to order from her again. They arrived so quickly, without delay, and they were packaged wonderfully. I order online a lot and I love when I open a package and see the extra mile the shipper took when packaging the items.

I would urge you to follow her on Instagram! She offers sales and shares photo inspiration on how to pair and dress items together. Love, love, love her!




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