Liverpool Lil’s

SignI don’t know about you, but occasionally being in one spot for too long can be draining. I keep peeking at the weather out west and talking to family and friends who live out there who are taking in that glorious sunshine. Perhaps that is the issue- the lack of sun? Maybe even needing (yes, needing) that much deserved vacation? Whatever the reason is, food, sunshine and palm trees *gasp- LOVE palms* are on my mind 24/7 these days. Continue reading


Poo-PourriAlright, so I am sharing wayyyyy too much these days. Thankfully I can hide behind my computer screen until someone brings this up in person to witness just how red my face will turn.

Newsflash: ¬†Everyone poops. This is the honest-to-goodness truth. Every single person poops. There are children’s books written to tell us this when we’re little, however as we grow up we tend to forget this fact. Or rather, there is this saying that girls do not poop. Who planted this crazy idea? And when did pooping becoming embarrassing?
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Always Sparkle

SparkleOkay, so I have a slight shopping problem. I made the word “shopping” bold because the debate about actually spending money as a problem will be saved for another post (hey- someone has to help the economy).

In all seriousness, I am always searching for unique and fun pieces that can’t be found just anywhere. I follow numerous bloggers and check Instagram for inspiration and ideas for gift giving. I sort of use these bloggers and Instagram how most utilize Pinterest.

One such day of research, I came across this “Always Sparkle” top that I absolutely fell for. Not just because it was sparkly and said the word “sparkle,” but because of the message that came with it. Continue reading