Passport of Love

Passport IITo travel outside of the United States, you need a Passport. No news there, I know. But in thinking of this one day, I began to apply the concept of love with the idea of a Passport.

We all read articles daily on how to keep the spark alive in relationships. We often allow the elements of life to come between the person we fall for. Similar to what Jess did with The Ultimate Mega-Present, how neat would it be to make a “Passport of Love” for your significant other offering trips, treats and reminders of the love the two of you share?

To make this for that special someone in your life, all you need is a notebook. I found a Moleskine one that worked perfectly (it is about the size of a Passport).

Both Passports

You can also use basic cardstock or index cards.

Index Cards

I then began to brainstorm ideas that would be fitting for the relationship I was in. I thought of restaurants we went to, places we enjoyed to frequent, vacations spots we may both enjoy. I thought of trinkets and food we enjoyed. And things we would do when we were together… just with a hint of sparkle to them.

From there came the fun! To help make time for one another and keep date night happening, I offered a variety of gifts. But with a slight catch because, well, why not? To earn his stamps or Visas, he would have a fun event planned.

For example, we are both huge fans of coffee. I am a complete and total bear in the morning, and it is crucial that I get some java in me to act like the Meaghan everyone knows. I looked up coffee spots we have never been to, that were local, and offered a trip to them. With the coffee on me (though, hopefully not literally on me)!

There are several restaurants we have grown to love. However, we always tend to order the same thing. So, in offering a trip to the restaurant, the “Visa” to get in would be that we would both order for one another. And new dishes- things we never tried before!

Another example of what I did:  We came up with this routine before bed where we would “Sode” and unwind. Meaning, since we did not live near one another, we shared the same interest in television shows. We would not watch (or try not to watch) the shows when apart so that when we were together, we could end our night winding down and catching up on our favorite show. One of our favorite shows was “Parks and Recreation.” The Passport idea here was that we would watch the show, but being that my special someone loved to rock out, I looked up all of Andy’s band’s names and made a CD with them on them. The actual disk to the CD was a gift card to Guitar Center so that he could continue to rock out. The “stamp” for this passport was to watch an episode and give the gift at the conclusion of the show.

And for the stamps to your “Passport of Love,” use cute stickers or consider sealing it with a kiss.

This could be a little bit detailed, however, you can tone it down and do what works for your relationship. All relationships are unique, rare and precious. They all have their own set of rules to them. Consider going to a new restaurant as one item. Or going for a walk to a new part of town. Make one item in the “Passport of Love” be a massage! Whatever your heart desires, and whatever makes it most romantic.

It’s so easy to put this together, and you can be as creative as you wish! Use a simple pen or go all out with glitter and markers.

What is your favorite aspect of your relationship, and what would you put in your Passport of Love?





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