Sweet Treats for the Morning

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Back in October, I shared with you one of my favorite memories from growing up:  Themed food. I mentioned how my mom would have my siblings and I begin our morning with a doughnut in the latest holiday form, and the color of our milk would match. She would not stop there:  She quite literally made every meal that day to match the holiday, which explains a great deal about me, right?

While doughnuts are everywhere right now in colors of pink and red (and heart-shaped), another sweet idea you can make for breakfast is muffins!

Last year I made raspberry and chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. I don’t want to brag, but I am getting pretty good at making muffins and cupcakes that are honest-to-goodness tasty.

I wanted to use the colors of Valentine’s Day with the raspberry muffins, and chocolate chip are my signature ones to bake, as well as my favorite. I found these darling boxes with hearts all over them that fit one of each muffin perfectly!

Sweet Treats for the a.m.

I added a little napkin and a gift tag. They were perfect for when I had to pick up someone from the airport super early in the morning. They took a red-eye into Cleveland and I thought it would be the best way to give them breakfast. It seemed to work!

This would be a fun idea to put in your loved one’s car for their morning commute. Or, in case they are huge breakfast fans and may not wait for the surprise in their car, you can set it up in the kitchen so they see it when they wake up. Another great possibility would be if you were able to team up with someone in their place of work and have the sweet treats there for them when they arrive to work. It would make for a great snack throughout the day and will have them thinking of you. As Jess mentioned on Monday, these days it seems you work opposite hours of your significant other, so it is always a treat to surprise them when they least expect it. And gifts that you make are even sweeter.

Happy Baking! Let me know if I can help.




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