Colossal Cupcake

CupcakesSunday is the perfect day to grab something sweet and decadent! If you’re looking for a quick snack and craving something sweet, you have to head to Colossal Cupcake. Colossal is located on Euclid Ave and is minutes from Tower City Center. And today is a beautiful day to go on a quick walk and catch some sunshine in between your films and right before Closing Night kicks off. 

You can’t get lost when finding Colossal Cupcake, as you are greeted by a huge cupcake hanging directly above the shop:


You walk in and your eyes grow wide with excitement as you see the display filled with cupcakes:

The Menu

When I went to Colossal, I tried a classic confetti cupcake which made both my taste buds and my stomach very happy. I loved the pink icing and how fresh each bite tasted. It is really difficult to narrow down which cupcake to try, but those awaiting your decision on the other side of the counter give you suggestions with a huge smile on their face.

Confetti Cupcake

When you enter Colossal, it’s like a fantasy land made for Meaghan. There are gorgeous pink couches:

This Pink Couch? Need

And a fireplace that is fitting for the snow we had yesterday:

The Fireplace

It’s a great place to unwind and meet up with friends. It’s charming and everything tastes as great as the bakery looks.

What is your favorite cupcake to try when you are there?




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