Misery Loves Company… or so they say.


For whatever reason, nothing seems worse on St. Patrick’s Day than to be the designated driver. Despite having a huge responsibility, let’s be honest: driving around drunk friends while hoping the entire time they do not get sick in your car sort of ruins your day… greatly. What are some ways that you can still enjoy the festivities of this holiday while holding the highest honor of being the ‘DD?’

While it goes without saying that you do not need to drink to simply have a good time, it can grow tiring watching someone take shot after shot, drink after drink as you sit there with them. So how about joining in on the fun with some clever mocktails with fellow ‘DD’s?’

Doesn’t sound appealing just yet? Check out these cleverly created St. Patrick’s Day mocktails– the fun of drinking sans the alcohol.

Perhaps the sight of your friends and loved ones drinking will just bum you out. Why not try renting out a fun restaurant where you and your fellow ‘DD’s’ can dine on some delicious food (or really good, ‘bad’ food, because let’s be honest, you deserve it)? Perhaps renting a restaurant may be a bit over budget. Consider going to a friend’s house after you drop your other friends off at the bars. Have a fun movie party complete with a popcorn bar! Popcorn bars are my latest favorite ‘thing’ and so easy to make. Purchase your favorite types of popcorn: cheese, cheddar, caramel, original and have bowls with every topping imaginable. The more creative, the better (think of a yogurt bar for inspiration). The greatest thing about creating your own special popcorn is not having to share it with others. Just remember to have your phone on hand for when those partiers need to be picked up.

Perhaps none of these suggestions sound like fun to you. Again, making the most out of an honorable situation is not often an easy task. So what do you suggest? Did you got coined as the ‘DD’ this year… what do you do for fun and what can recommend for others? Email me at meaghan@m-of-hearts.com and I’ll post your ideas so others can see how you have fun and celebrate your St. Patrick’s Day while acting as the designated driver. After all, misery loves company, right?