Junior Mints Cupcakes

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I have to confess that these Junior Mints Cupcakes fit in two different places. They are ideal for St. Patrick’s Day being that they are green and minty, just like that darn McCafé Shamrock Shake so many of us wait for each year. But, they also coincide with an idea I had recently for movie theater candy inspired cupcakes. You will see more information and inspiration regarding that idea at some point next week.

I have been so excited and have had a difficult time in waiting to share these beauties with you. So without further ado, I give you my Junior Mints Cupcakes, another great dessert option for St. Patrick’s Day. 

They are simple to make and essentially require chopped up Junior Mint candy pieces in a chocolate batter. My only advice when chopping up Junior Mints is to refrigerate them before you get chopping. Unless you don’t mind a minty mess, then they are good to go at room temperature.

Junior Mint Cupcakes

In my opinion, what makes these cupcakes is their mint frosting with chopped up pieces of the candy mixed in the frosting. It’s the part of the cupcake you wish would last the longest! The next time I make them, I would even consider filling the center with the frosting to really give it that extra minty flavor.

Close Up

Still not sold on these? You know the popular Girl Scout cookie Thin Mints? You know how this year it was made into a coffee creamer and you’ve also experienced it in ice cream form? Think of Thin Mints in cupcake form. These cupcakes are literally that tasty (and unlike the Girl Scout cookie, you can have them year-round)!

Are you hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party? Or perhaps a get together with friends and watching movies? Wait until you see the three other movie theater candy inspired cupcakes I created that will be the perfect finishing touch to your movie marathon!

I’d love to help you and get these cupcakes to you by St. Patrick’s Day. You know what to do!




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