MomochoIf you are in the mood for Mexican food, I know of just the place for you (and it is a great date night option for a Friday night in Cleveland, Ohio). Now, this one you will need transportation to, but it is completely worth the commute over.

One of my favorite things at Momocho is when I order their guacamole sampler. You get to select three different guacamoles of your choosing from a list of guacs that sound too good to be true, served with fresh tortilla chips. Once more my cliché statement of saying, ‘to simply say this is tasty is an understatement’ comes to play. Their guacamole is like nothing I have ever tried before. The goat cheese one? You could quite possibly hear my stomach saying, “MmmMmMm” from miles away.

I also love to get their margarita samplers. Three margaritas, of your choosing, from yet another list. It is nice to taste the different creations they come up with and sort of vote on your favorite.

Marg Sampler

Besides the samplers, you can’t go wrong with any of their entries. And what I like doing, which is a little strange, so please remember I am stating that: I sort of enjoy going to Momocho for the samplers and appetizers. I order dinner, but by the time it arrives I am full. So I box up my dinner and it literally makes for the best leftovers ever. Which works for me because I can’t get enough of their food!

And you know me: I like taking in the details of places I visit. Momocho’s tables are decorated perfectly with darling flowers, small vases and the perfect accessories. Then you look to the wall and it is covered floor to ceiling in framed art, posters and photography, which I think is rather brilliant. In case you are on a blind date or just getting to know someone, the walls make for great icebreakers. Genius planning on their behalf!

Another View of the Tabletop

Ever been to Momocho? Share your favorite dish to inspire others to check this Cleveland gem out!




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    • I agree with you, Crystal. Can’t find a better margarita in Cleveland! Perhaps not the greatest place to head to on a Friday night, but definitely worth checking out 🙂 And their goat cheese guacamole? Oh my gosh… I need it now!

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