Movie Theater Candy Inspired Cupcakes

All of the Cakes are HereLast week I gave you a preview of my Movie Theater Candy Inspired Cupcakes and today I am delighted to introduce you to the three others that made the cut.

Here is the back story: I work seasonally for the Cleveland International Film Festival (more on this tomorrow). It’s one of the highlights of my year and I literally count down for its arrival each year. With all of the award shows that have recently come and gone, I have been thinking about movies. Literally. They consume me in the best way possible. You know how some people have memories based on scents? As in, a certain smell will take them back to a moment in time? Well, that happens to me when it comes to movies. I have had some of the best experiences of my life thanks to cinema. I have met some wickedly talented (eh, eh, get it?) individuals and have had both hardships and love because of film.

It’s also no surprise that I love sugar and candy. So when thinking of movies and what my ‘routine’ is when I head to the theaters to catch the latest flick, I wondered what my friends enjoyed eating, and more specifically, what their favorite candy was to dine on while at the movies.

I took a poll and asked my friends and family what their favorite movie theater candy was and picked the top four: two chocolate based and two fruity based candies. Then came the madness: how the heck would I turn them into a cupcake?!

You met my Junior Mint Cupcakes and my promise and statement on their deliciousness (quite literally think Thin Mint cookie in cupcake form).

Junior Mint Cupcakes

Now allow me to introduce you to a Red Vine Cupcake.

Red Vine:Dr. Pepper

I will admit that I was clueless and didn’t know where to begin to create this little beauty, but it was a suggestion from a friend and I like to make things happen for those I am close with. I searched the good ol’ Internet and found a recipe from Melinda on Kitchen Tested. I followed her recipe on making the actual cupcake, but changed the frosting slightly.

Red Vine

I will share with you that baking with soda pop (Dr. Pepper) was new to me. As soon as I made the batter, I panicked and thought they were all wrong. It was the most liquidy batter I have ever worked with, and the cupcakes will come out of the oven a little bubbly looking and slightly ‘flat,’ as in, not risen like your typical cake. Don’t panic. Even the recipe told me this would happen, and allow me to reassure you that all is well with your cake.

I used a cupcake corer and popped the center out once the cupcake was completely cool. I filled the center with the melted Red Vine mixture from Kitchen Tested and was ready to frost! By the way, you have to visit Melinda at Kitchen Tested for more baking and cooking options. She has so many great ideas and her recipes are detailed. She walks you through and provides you with notes and beautiful photographs, which is so helpful! Take a peek at her site.

Red Vine Filled Cupcake

I mentioned I used a different frosting. I think Melinda’s idea to make it cherry flavored is perfect, but I didn’t want to copy her recipe exactly. I opted to use a basic buttercream to make it really rich.

Dr. Pepper and Red Vine

From here, let me introduce you to my Starburst cupcake. Now, just like with the Red Vines, I searched everywhere for a recipe or guide on how to bake with this candy but sadly, no dice. So, this was an experiment. I made a classic yellow cake batter and poured it into my cupcake liners. Before popping them into the oven, I added two Starburst into the center of each cupcake (and the same flavor, so two lemon Starburst in one, two strawberry Starburst in another, etc., etc.). I took them out of the oven and allowed them to cool before I tried them out.

Starburst Cupcakes

Here is the thing: when Starburst cool, they harden at the bottom of the cupcake. I was a little nervous when I lifted one to taste and it felt, well, bottom heavy. However, my nerves were put to ease when I took a bite. They literally burst with the Starburst flavor- they taste exactly like the candy!

To make them even more fun, I took a pastry bag and filled it with a variety of food coloring, careful to not mix them all together in the bag. I added my buttercream frosting and was ready to decorate these cupcakes. The frosting was tie dye and rainbow, ideal for that Starburst look! The finishing touch was a Starburst candy on the top of each individual cupcake.

Starburst Colored Cupcakes

My favorite part about these is that I put them in the oven without marking which one would be which flavor. It was a surprise as you bit into each cupcake to find out which flavor you would get.

Lastly, allow me to introduce you to my Sno-Caps cupcake. Now, this is the “safe” cupcake. As in, in case you are not the most adventurous and enjoy a classic cupcake, this is the one for you!

Sno Caps

I made a chocolate cupcake with my classic buttercream frosting. I tried to ice the cupcakes to look like the candy pieces. I then took the candy and decorated them around the cupcakes.

These ones were my favorite as far as decorating goes. They really matched the candy and were fitting for all of the snow we were getting.

Sno Caps II

Here is a view of all of them:

All of the Cakes are Here

These cupcakes would make an excellent dessert or snack if you host a movie party with your friends. Or, they would be perfect for any movie related event. They are so much fun to create, and as always, I would love to help you get started.




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