P is for PotbellyWhile I was living in Columbus, Ohio, I came across this little gem that goes by the name of Potbelly. Potbelly is a delightful place to head to when you are looking for a fresh, great sandwich. It was one of my go-to spots for lunch. It was so much of a favorite that when I moved back to Cleveland from Columbus, I missed frequenting it.

Thankfully, Potbelly missed me as much as I missed them and opened a restaurant in the heart of Cleveland. In walking distance from Tower City Center, it is yet another great spot if you are looking to get some fresh, cold Cleveland air and have a change of scenery from the movie theater.

This is another place where I can say with confidence that there is nothing you should not order off of the menu, as it is all fresh and tasty. I can absolutely recommend trying one of their milkshakes, as each sip gets better than the last. I would also recommend giving their soup a try, as it is the best way to warm you up!

And one more perk? You can order online and either head there to pick it up (for your little escape) or they will deliver your meal to you! A great, healthier eating option for all of the Staff members of the CIFF.

What is your favorite item to try when you are there? Be sure to share!




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