The Happy Dog

Good shot of Happy DogOne of my favorite places to head to in Cleveland is without a doubt the Happy Dog. I love heading there if I need a good hard cider (one of my favorite places to go to for such an item, along with their other drinks), for their food, to listen to music and to simply hang out.

In my eyes, it is such a staple and a great place to visit when you are in Cleveland, and would make for a great evening out option for after all of your films.

So what exactly does the Happy Dog serve? Hot dogs! But not just with the basics. You have a laundry list of items you get to choose from to personalize your hot dog. You can be as creative as you wish or stick with your classic favorites.

It’s fun to head there with a group of friends and order for one another. However, I would not recommend heading there with anyone who is your frenemy or they could take their anger out on you in ordering you an evil dog.

I also love, love, love their tater tots. Their fries are pretty tasty as well and never disappoint, but holy yom to their tots (and I love ordering their chipotle hollandaise sauce to dip my tots in).

A Happy Face

Playing with your food is completely appropriate at the Happy Dog!

The vibe is always awesome at the Happy Dog and you will likely run into someone you know or leave with several new friends. The music is the best and it is a great place to discover new talent and live bands.

It’s a great idea for your Saturday night. What toppings do you order for your hot dog?




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