The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

YUM!It’s no secret that I have the worst sweet tooth known to mankind. And if this is news to you, well, then I suppose the secret is out.

When it comes to any event, holiday or celebration, it is an absolute must that I have to bake a tasty treat for said occasion. It also makes for a truly heartwarming host/hostess gift.

There are so many obvious treats for St. Patrick’s Day, so in searching for something unique and tasty, pistachios instantly came to mind considering they are green and insanely delicious. I peeked on Pinterest for inspiration and did not have a ton of luck. In searching the Internet, I came across a cookie that I knew I had to try. I baked these tasty treats with help from King Arthur Flour.

Since my sweet tooth is known to be crazy at times, I opted to do three different versions: I made one batch with extra pistachios for those who love pistachios as much as I do.

Pistachio Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

With inspiration from a certain fellow, I made a batch with white chocolate chips, which taste divine with any warm beverage. Yes, this includes your morning cup of coffee (I’m telling you- this sweet tooth is bad news).

Pistachio Cookies

Finally, I opted to make a batch with mini-chocolate chips that ended up being my personal favorite.


I was surprised with how quick and easy these tasty cookies were to make. The clean up time took longer (with the added bonus of my flour spill). And my taste testers absolutely adored them and asked for more, which is always a good sign.

Chocolate Chip Pistachio

So if you are looking to add a special dessert to someone’s lunch, a cute treat for your mailman, neighbor, or hairdresser, these cookies are a sure win. Find a darling gold or yellow serving platter to place your cookies upon to truly get into the holiday spirit.

Happy Baking! As always, be sure to share how your cookies turned out.