The Chocolate Bar

The Chocolate BarOne challenge I have in life is celebrating victories. It is something that I preach to others about and tell myself to do, yet the one aspect of life that I am constantly battling. It is safe to say that I am my own worst critic.

However, today that changes. As I had one day to sort of sit back and reflect over the past two weeks, there have been so many exciting milestones that deserve a good toast.

For instance, I was thrilled to share my first M of Hearts Weekend Edition with you! While that may seem like such a silly statement, it was such a fun experience for me. Writing and editing photos takes a little bit of time, so being able to do it for over two weeks was something to smile about. And to have been able to write and share fun places to head to while you were at the Cleveland International Film Festival was such a joy. For me, it was a blast going back to these locations and trying new food and taking photos. It sort of made dining out a little more exciting because I got to share this experience with you.

The feedback was more than I ever expected or anticipated! I took both the positive and the negative comments to teach me. For instance, I have a new restaurant in Cleveland that I canโ€™t wait to try! And the next time I work an event and I do this to spread light on a certain city, I will for sure try to plan better. Meaning, if there is an event that takes place in the same area as a restaurant, I will tie the two together. When I wrote about the Cleveland restaurants, I was thinking more of the best time to dine at locations rather than the connections with the events of the Festival. And it was a thrill to go back to and highlight the gems of the city in which I was born and raised. Thank you for taking that journey with me and thank you so much for your feedback and following along!

In addition to toasting to that, I am also really excited for what this taught me. Meaning, I am a complete and total perfectionist and I plan everything. I had hoped to have all of my posts written and up before the Film Festival began, but with planning for the Festival itself and tending to life details, that was not a possibility. I was a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t achieve that. While M of Hearts is a hobby and a joy rather than a paying job, I still wanted to showcase something I take great passion and enthusiasm in. When I was able to find time in between interviewing filmmakers and filming things for work, I was happy to squeeze in writing time. While not my best pieces of work, it was a great way to learn a new balancing act and learn that I could still accomplish what I dream of, with slight alterations.

For these lessons, and for cutting myself a little slack, I truly want to toast. And since I had a day to catch up on sleep and at least clean my kitchen post-Festival, I want to toast by giving one more highlight of Cleveland: A great place for a Girl’s Night Out and a great location for a celebration. Since the Film Festival was such a success and for the mini-milestones with M of Hearts, I can’t think of a more appropriate location to have such a celebration.

Let us head downtown and go to The Chocolate Bar.

The Chocolate Bar

While I have dined and tried the food at The Chocolate Bar (their Buffalo Chicken Nachos are delicious as is their macaroni and cheese bar), my favorite reason for heading there is to try one of their delicious chocolate martinis and one of their decadent desserts.

The Chocolate Bar Xmas-tini

I love heading here to meet up with friends whom I may not have seen in awhile. It’s a nice location to catch up and the vibe is really pleasant for the ladies. Meaning, you won’t really get hit on or have to worry about drinks being dumped on you. While it is a bar, it’s not one in which you have to worry about ruining a good pair of shoes or bumping into a bunch of people while attempting to order a drink. Plus, it is all things chocolate which is reason enough to head there.

I am planning on going to The Chocolate Bar with a group of girlfriends to toast to catching up, toast to hanging out and toast to all of the small milestones that have been accomplished. What is your favorite martini to try when you visit The Chocolate Bar?

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Spiked Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

Cheers to you!




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