Festival Themed Cupcakes

CIFF CupcakesAs you know, I work seasonally for the Cleveland International Film Festival. Each year, they have these gorgeous campaigns with the coolest shirts, accessories and posters to match. While I was prepping for the festival, I caught myself looking at the cover of this year’s Program Guide.

This year, they added a feature called Augmented Reality into the cover. Meaning, when you downlaod the free app “Layer” to your Smart Phone or tablet, you watch as the program guide comes to life before your very eyes. 

As I was looking at the cover of the Program Guide, I wondered what it would look like in cupcake form. No joke.

Sidebar: I tend to bake when I am stressed. It’s the greatest stress reliever for me and I love pouring my stressors into creative ideas and delicious, tiny treats. The CIFF was not my stress (many of you know my life story and how nutty things have been lately), but it came in perfect timing to create something so fun!

I made a classic chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting. The biggest challenge? Mixing food coloring together to create the right shade to match the cover perfectly.

CIFF Cupcakes III

I then cut apart the Program Guide, and using Washi Tape, I taped the luggage tags on toothpicks, and placed them into the cupcakes. I also added edible pearls to a few of the cupcakes to really tie the colors together. That and Paris and pearls just makes sense together.

CIFF Cupcakes

They turned out really cute! The only downside was that the Augmented Reality stopped working once I cut apart the Program Guide. Despite that, I was really delighted with how they turned out. It was neat to see that virtually anything, including a Film Festival Program Guide, can be turned into a cupcake. I love looking at items and seeing if I can make them edible (or, into a cupcake), and I am always looking for my next challenge. Any suggestions?




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