I’ve Been Away and I Do Not Like It

Kate Spade ShoesIn the past eight months, M of Hearts came to life and became more than anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The feedback and the connections I have made since launching are something I truly cherish. I began my blog with the encouragement of friends telling me to share the things I do with others. I never imagined people would read or share my ideas! M of Hearts became one of the greatest jobs I have ever had, so to take a good month off was true torture for me.

But, it was a needed little break. Here is what I have been up to:

During the “12 Days of Cleveland” posts and the Cleveland International Film Festival, so much happened. For instance, I was curious if anyone would be interested in seeing outfit options that I wore on “The Daily Buzz.” The amount of planning I do in getting ready is something I get poked fun of for, but I absolutely love it. It’s my thing. Not knowing what to expect (if it would be too girly or boring), I posted photos of what I wore to my Instagram account. I was overwhelmed by the response, and took notes. Based on the feedback, I will be incorporating items I wear and where I shop in the near future. Be on the look out for those posts! And feel free to leave a comment letting me know of what else you would like to see more of, or in general, on M of Hearts.


Okay, so I may need to work on how to take photos of the outfits I wear. This is a learning process, for sure!

One of the reasons, and a major one, that I love working for Film Festivals is for the mere fact that I have the amazing opportunity to speak with filmmakers. And not just speak, but interview them and be in the presence of such talent. Everyone has a story to tell and a story to share. These individuals are so gifted and are able to bring their stories and their ideas to life. Their passion for their creations is contagious and their courage to make their story come to life is inspiring. For instance, meeting Michele Josue gave me instant goosebumps. Prior to her coming into the Media Hub for an interview, I was so nervous. I did not know which direction to take the interview. Michele walked in and exclaimed “I watch your YouTube videos!” Her smile, enthusiasm and warmth eased my nerves and I felt as if I knew her forever. What this powerful, sweet woman is doing is sharing her story and spreading light on our differences as humans, and how we should embrace these differences rather than use them against one another. And she did this in such a beautiful way. If you have the chance to see “Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine,” absolutely take advantage of that and savour every minute of her film.

I always leave the CIFF with a longing to continue this career and help share these filmmaker’s stories, as well as to share and celebrate the love of film. And I go through such CIFF withdrawal mere hours after Closing Night. I miss my insanely talented (sometimes more insane, sometimes more talented, hehe), festival family. These individuals have seen me through some traumatic and hard life events. My first year at the CIFF, I lost one of my friends to a horrible accident. Without the love and support of the CIFF, I don’t know how I would have made it through such a hard life event. I miss dreaming with my festival family, creating with them and truly, I miss learning from them.

While I was at the CIFF, a company that goes by the name of PostalPix reached out to me and asked if they could share my CLE Marquee Lights that I made on their blog. What an honor! It was so cool to see my creation on their site. I literally jumped up-and-down and squealed with delight when the post went live. Such a magical moment!

CLE Lights

In the midst of all of this, I was constantly taking notes and jotting down ideas for potential posts. So, be on the look out for an all new Guest Blogger post this week! I am delighted that my friend Emily shared just one of her many talents (this woman is incredible)! And remember- I would love to have you featured. Have something you would like to share? Email me at Meaghan@M-of-Hearts.com and let’s chat about Guest Blogging.

I also have been challenging myself to read more. With that said, I will be introducing my book club, the M of Clubs, to you very soon! As always, I would love to know what you would be interested in reading or discussing, so be sure to leave a comment.

Lastly, I am sad that I didn’t post any Easter, Passover or Mother’s Day ideas. I will try and not let the next holiday slip through the cracks. I’ve been very busy catching up on life post festival and celebrating something very exciting that I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow. Plus, I have tons of themed cupcakes and treats to share- you just wait!

While it has been about a month, I hope you are well! How is your life treating you?




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    • Thank you so much, Beth! Look out for the M of Spades, too (have to complete the deck of cards 😉 )! Let me know if there is any book you want me to feature! 🙂

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