Festival Themed Cupcakes

CIFF CupcakesAs you know, I work seasonally for the Cleveland International Film Festival. Each year, they have these gorgeous campaigns with the coolest shirts, accessories and posters to match. While I was prepping for the festival, I caught myself looking at the cover of this year’s Program Guide.

This year, they added a feature called Augmented Reality into the cover. Meaning, when you downlaod the free app “Layer” to your Smart Phone or tablet, you watch as the program guide comes to life before your very eyes.  Continue reading

A DIY Spa Escape [and Where It Could Lead You]

guest-bloggerIt all started with the decision to finally achieve my goal of giving exclusively homemade Christmas gifts. I did some research (i.e.: pinteresting and blog surfing) and located a couple formulas for DIY lotion and shower scrubs. Five months later, you can find me making all of my own body wash, lotion, dish and laundry detergent, cleaning sprays, toothpaste, granola bars, and dog-sized superhero capes. Totally kidding about that last one… for now.  You might wonder how I have so much free time, and think I’m crazy, but let’s not throw that word around until I show you the castle that my boyfriend built for my cat. Continue reading

Welcome Guest Blogger, Emily!

guest-bloggerI am delighted to share with you my Guest Blogger, and friend, Emily! Emily is one talented woman who can literally do it all. I know, I know… sometimes when I get really enthusiastic over something, I tend to exaggerate. But not when it comes to Emily. Nothing can stop this hella talented chick.

Emily really inspires me. In chatting with her a few months ago, she mentioned that she started to make a lot of DIY products for her home and herself. She mentioned a salt scrub that I could not even finish reading her sentence, and wrote back telling her she needed to be a Guest Blogger for M of Hearts immediately (sometimes it simply isn’t an option).

I was really excited that she took the time to share such an incredible idea with you all! It makes for such an awesome gift; so personal and from the heart. And how cute would this be as a Bridal Shower Favor? Or spa themed birthday party? The options are endless. But allow me to give the floor to Emily so you can read all of the details and love her as much as I do.

Real Women With Style: The Earley Girls Edition

Mom and I

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014- One year later and cancer free!

On April 25th, 2013, my mom was diagnosed with Stage Two Breast Cancer. Watching her fight for her life; going through chemotherapy and radiation while working full time was something very inspiring to me. She never once complained and she never once took a day off from work. While it didn’t come without tears being shed, it was educational in ways I didn’t imagine possible. Sitting here, writing this, I think about how different I am in just 365 days. I am a little stronger, a lot wiser and, well, my skin is a little bit thicker, which is about damn time if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong- I still make plenty of mistakes (a huge one Friday night), but for growth? I think I may be on the road to becoming the woman I am destined to be, with many thanks to this journey I took alongside of my mom.  Continue reading

I’ve Been Away and I Do Not Like It

Kate Spade ShoesIn the past eight months, M of Hearts came to life and became more than anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. The feedback and the connections I have made since launching are something I truly cherish. I began my blog with the encouragement of friends telling me to share the things I do with others. I never imagined people would read or share my ideas! M of Hearts became one of the greatest jobs I have ever had, so to take a good month off was true torture for me. Continue reading