Nail Polish IAs you know, I recently worked at the Cleveland International Film Festival. Since my role with the CIFF meant that I worked with the public, and since I am notorious for thinking of every detail, I knew I would be shaking several individual’s hands throughout the course of the Festival. I will confess that with my sensitive skin combined with how much I use my hands (baking, crafts, scrapbooking), combined with the harsh weather elements of this past winter, essentially this equalled to my hands being a hot mess. Which was simply unexceptable in my eyes; I wanted my nails to look great. But one problem with working long hours: How would I find the time to paint my nails? And we all know how easily and often our nail polish can chip.

I reached out to my friend, and beauty expert, Gwyn seeking advice. She recommended that I try VINYLUX, a polish that lasts a week.

With my wardrobe including a variety of colors (you can take a peek at my M of Hearts Instagram account), I opted for a light pink and a neutral color.

Nail Polish IV

The polishes were like finding a treasure. For starters, they didn’t take that long to dry. And secondly, they made my nails feel hard, which is a rarity for me (my nails are pretty thin and break easily). Upon the first day of wearing and using this polish? I was a fan!

Nail Polish II

The polish lasted seven days and required only one other painting. I was pretty darn impressed, and very thankful.

Do you have an event coming up and your last concern or item to worry about are your nails? Go get VINYLUX! It is the ideal finishing touch and your nails will not be your concern or stress.




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  1. Where can this stuff be bought? I also have very weak nails and don’t have time to be repainting them so this polish sounds great!

    • Amazon carries it at a price I enjoy, but select Ulta stores, Sally’s Beauty Supply and some salons do as well. I just read online that select Walgreen’s do, too (I would maybe call a Walgreen’s first before heading there). You will LOVE it! It has really helped my nails not break as easily as they used to.

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