Welcome Guest Blogger, Emily!

guest-bloggerI am delighted to share with you my Guest Blogger, and friend, Emily! Emily is one talented woman who can literally do it all. I know, I know… sometimes when I get really enthusiastic over something, I tend to exaggerate. But not when it comes to Emily. Nothing can stop this hella talented chick.

Emily really inspires me. In chatting with her a few months ago, she mentioned that she started to make a lot of DIY products for her home and herself. She mentioned a salt scrub that I could not even finish reading her sentence, and wrote back telling her she needed to be a Guest Blogger for M of Hearts immediately (sometimes it simply isn’t an option).

I was really excited that she took the time to share such an incredible idea with you all! It makes for such an awesome gift; so personal and from the heart. And how cute would this be as a Bridal Shower Favor? Or spa themed birthday party? The options are endless. But allow me to give the floor to Emily so you can read all of the details and love her as much as I do.

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