A Tiny Treasure

Four ItemsThe final wrap up to this week in beauty and travel tips brings us to our feet. Yes… our feet. It’s that time of year for weddings, galas and events, which can lead to blisters and all things not fun for your feet. I found just the item you will need for your purse, beauty bag or travel tote (of any size, too). Continue reading

Another Reason to Love Clear Nail Polish

AngelI mentioned yesterday that I would be sharing some Beauty ‘secrets’ and tips this week to prep for travel season and the kick-off to summer. Today I want to talk a little about Clear Nail Polish.

We all love Clear Nail Polish. It helps protect our manicures and helps them to last a little longer, as well as it makes our nails nice and shiny. We also know that Clear Nail Polish comes to our rescue when we snag our tights or pantyhose and need a quick fix (as does hairspray, but I am a little bias to Clear Nail Polish). Clear Nail Polish also works wonders on women’s fake jewelry. Simply place a light coat on rings to keep them from tarnishing on your skin. But did you know that Clear Nail Polish can help with yet another frustrating life event?

Continue reading

Lovely Paperie & Gifts

Outside of the StoreI heard about a new shop that recently opened in Cleveland and have been craving to stop by and check it out. Saturday afternoon I decided that it was the perfect time to head over to Rocky River and sneak a peek.

It’s no surprise that California is my home away from home. One reason is because it is filled with all of these card stores and boutiques that are the opposite of Papyrus and Hallmark, however don’t get me wrong- I love those stores too! But it’s always nice to shop somewhere a little different that really seems to have that special connection with the customer. It is something I have been longing to find in Ohio for some time. And I think I found it! Continue reading